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Tex won the game, but the big story last night was A-Rod, who answered the clutch bell for the Yanks with his bottom of the ninth two-run dinger to tie it. I'm so glad, and not just for the win, but to finally put to rest the stupid A-Rod-can't-take-the-playoffs meme that has just dominated the press and blogosphere for years. So let's all just admit reality now. Alex is a stupendous player. Let me suggest that his past October foibles, always more exaggerated by the media, may have been statistical noise combined with excellent opposing pitching. But who really gives a crap? The Yanks are up 2-0 and whatever demons might have been are now surely eradicated. Thank goodness. Onward and upward.

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I am not naive enough to expect the media to never run an ‘unclutch’ story. Remember that A-Rod similarly carried the Yankees in 2004 against…you guessed it…Minnesota. The Yankees are going to have to win it all for the stories to really die down. They have a long way to go.

Or, Joe Nathan was afraid to pitch to him, pushed the count to 3-0 then 3-1, then grooved one my that grandmother could have hit.
Give the dude credit. He delivered. But what a momumental collapse by the Twins and Joe Nathan there.

Yankees overall looking good so far in only 2 games, CC and AJ delivering,bullpen (talk about Robertson and his icy cold blood) doing their job.I just need some more from Swish,Cano and Melky.Then that would devastate Angels or Sox or whoever comes.

My coffee’s never tasted better, the sun’s never shone as bright, my wife has never looked more pretty…there is absolutely nothing that can go wrong today!
It seems Alex has been true to his word about sticking to baseball and shedding all of the other c**p in his life. He looks like a man with something to prove.

Watched the whole game at a bar last night, as I’m here on a brief visit to NYC. My friend almost immediately pointed out how freaked Nathan looked– his face, his body language. He was right. I hadn’t seen such looks since Jeff Weaver.
In any case, A-Rod took advantage. He’s looked locked in these two games. Hopefully he keeps it up.

Donnie-baseball didn’t need a title to be beloved. Alex needs to play to his potential, which he has more often than not since being in New York.
And respectfully IBM, A-Rod’s potential on the baseball diamond far outstrips that of 99.999999% of the global population, your grandmother included. There is frankly nothing anyone can say to diminish in the slightest what A-Rod did last night.

A-Rod’s postseason numbers, to date: .290/.379/.503
Amazing how small samples can completely change. Well, really not so amazing. It’s only dummies who actually took such small samples to be all that meaningful.

By the way, it should be pointed out that Nathan is one of the best relievers in baseball, routinely putting up Mariano-like numbers year after year. I don’t doubt he was off his game, but lesser hitters wouldn’t have been able to take advantage.
One of the coolest parts of the hr was A-Rod’s reaction: The quick gesture to the bench. I was impressed. There wasn’t any grandstanding about it, just a “We’re back in this one” reaction.

I’m tired of this people. Enough trolling and counter trolling. Be civil or go somewhere else. END.

Ya, he was “unclutch” against Boston until he hit that HR against Paps last year. Ya, something like that. It’s all just perception, because you can probably dissect anybody to make them look unclutch..
ARod knew it was gone ya.
I’m a huge fan of Nathan’s, but go Yanks!

> The quick gesture to the bench. I was impressed.
I rather liked that as well. Actually, that’s not the right phrase. More accurately, it was A Fucking Awesome Exclamation Point On A Fucking Majestic Moment. Gave me a shiver.
With age comes many changes. Twice last week I forgot to zip my fly after using the lavatory. I fear and loathe the fact that this trend can and will logically conclude with the desperate inevitability of forgetting to unzip it before using the lavatory.
Anyway, I don’t get those “shiver” moments nearly as often as in those days gone by while watching a thriller. But when ARod parked that fastball 400+’ the other way, I was rejuvenated, and I got “the shivers.” It significantly altered my bearing. I even remembered that I should shut the cellar door when leaving the head, but I left it open anyway. Just because.

Uh, guys? Where’s Krueg? Did the game last night leave him incapacitated in some dive bar in Tennessee?

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