Tommy Jon: A’s-Sox Gamer II

Dustin Pedroia hit his first home run of the season yesterday, a grand slam that jumped the Sox’ lead from 1 to 5 on their way to a 7-1 victory.

Today, it’s Milone and Lester (who has scuffled some recently) starting the meat portion of this series sandwich. Let’s hope said meat isn’t spoiled, as it so often has been for the Red Sox this season.

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  • Lester goes 8 shutout (I assume he’s finished because 119 pitches). Strikes out a career-high 15! Every Oakland batter K’d at least once (Reddick 3 times). Walks 2. Sox up 6-0 going to the bottom of the 8th.

    Devine May 3, 2014, 3:54 pm
  • Gave up 1 hit. A leadoff single in the 3rd, in which he struck out the side.

    Devine May 3, 2014, 4:04 pm

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