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Treat vs Masterpiece: World Series Game Thread

San Francisco is sated a couple times over, though their wait before that was seemingly interminable. It’s been about three decades since KC saw its day in the sun. Go Royals. Comment away.

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I don’t think KC can get by Bumgarner in his two starts… so this one may go 6. Go AL – drop those Giants.

Agreed all the way around, Andrew.

James Shields’s postseason ERA before this abortion of a start: 5.19. Never let the facts get in the way of a good nickname.

I knew Josh Beckett. Josh Beckett was a friend of mine. Shields, you’re no Josh Beckett.

This second WS game is excellent. Some fantastic defensive play and great back and forth tit-for-tat action. And the KC crowd is just fantastic. Sounds like a World Cup match in Argentina.

I’ve predicted to a friend before the series started: Royals in 6, losing both Bumgarner starts. On pace.

G7 is Wednesday, so don’t be surprised if Hudson starts the game for SF, and “The Bum” comes in as long relief. Would be a doozy if KC pulls out G6 to extend it.

Whoever wins this thing will certainly have earned it. I thought Yost was a little slow with the hook in Game 4 considering Bumgarner looming for Game 5, but considering how devastated the KC bullpen was thereafter, maybe it wouldn’t have mattered.

I predict that in Game 7, as soon as Hudson gives up a run (or three baserunners in an inning), the Bum is in the game (unless the Giants lead by 5 or more, then Hudson gets a little more rope).

There is no shame in coming up 2 runs shy of a championship.

There is, however, grief.

… and regret for not attempting to steal home with the game on the line, two outs, et alia. Que sera sera

What an absolutely amazing and beautiful thing that happened in this series from Bumgarner.

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