Try Not To Get Too Excited

The Yankees have traded Shane Greene to Detroit, who send two pitchers to the Diamondbacks, who send Didi Gregorius to fill Jeter’s vacancy. I admit that I didn’t know who Didi Gregorius was until 15 minutes ago. Supposedly he has a cannon of an arm and plus range. His slash is pretty terrible, but at least based on the small number of appearances in the majors so far it looks like he can take a pitch and he’s bargain-priced. Fingers crossed.

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  • It’s a good trade…young up-and-coming SS that is sick defensively and some offensive upside. Jeter is gone, we will never have another so this is a good position filler me thinks.

    PS Andrew Miller + Betances = vicious combo
    4 years, $36 million. NICE!

    krueg December 5, 2014, 3:45 pm

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