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Tuesday Action: Sox-Twins Gamer II

This blogger is still working out of a Memorial Day weekend ice cream coma. When we do, we’ll hopefully get a tad more creative with the gamers. Until then this is the best we can do. Chat away!

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SF beats me to it.
It’s painful to see (when was the last time he started a game outside the #3 spot? 2003?), but the lineup looks good.
1. Ellsbury
2. Pedroia
3. Drew
4. Youkilis
5. Bay
6. Ortiz
7. Varitek
8. Bailey
9. Lugo
That’s a good 1-5. The rest… ehh.

Isn’t Varitek doing the best you could have expected though? He’s benefiting from Fenway in a huge way (who doesn’t?) but hasn’t he shown enough to get some love?

Yeah, I’m thrilled that Varitek is OPS’ing over .750. .815 is a bloody feast for him! Having said that, I don’t expect it to last.

Check out his home/road split. He’s up near 1.000 OPS in Fenway. Yeah, hard to imagine that lasting.

No doubt. I feel the same way about Melky (even as I thought he could turn the corner before the season – see his BR page).

Oh snap, Rob sponsoring a BR page!
I don’t know what it is about him, but I just don’t think he’ll playing baseball in 4 years. I can’t back this claim up at all–I just don’t think he’s got it. I felt the same about Pedroia though.

Ortiz legs out a double! He’s runnin like his job is on the line!
Errr, that comment is a lot less funny when it’s true.

RISP, nobody out. Still ISP. Brutal baseball. Now it’s up to LFRS, who will hit a homer and miss first base, be called out, or something like that.

What did any of us do to deserve Julio Lugo just about every day for 2+ years at this point? I want to know. I am not a bad person.

Lugo fouls out. What a fucking loser. Biggest piece of shit I have ever seen in a Sox uniform, and I’ve seen a lot of them.

I had real dislike for Jack Clark. And on the management side, I detested John McNamara from Day 1- Ronald Reagan-as-lineup-card-maker.
I think Lugo and Clark are my 1-2.

I’ll always remember some long-ass Jack Clark home run that I swear hit that old Moosehead beer sign across the street.
Jose Offerman’s gotta be in there somewhere, no?

IBM: the thing with guys like Lugo and Clark is not just the lack of performance – that i can deal with. Not every player is good, not every player is even mediocre. With these guys it’s the “I don’t even really recognize that I am sucking ass right now and I will never acknowledge that I am not doing the job” attitude. That’s the lethal combo for me as a fan – hackish play combined with arrogance in a misplaced sense of one’s value to the team. Lugo’s got it in volume.

Seems a bit harsh, SF. You want your guys to have some confidence.
I acknowledge that Lugo has SUCK tattooed on his forehead, but I don’t want him giving up when he steps out of the dugout.

Humility, in small doses, can be useful.
I don’t want the guy to be a lapdog, but at this point his attitude is really vomitous to me. I am sick of him, have been for a while.

Aflack trivia question: “Who were the first two brothers to both be selected in the top 5 of the draft?”
My guess: Delmon and Dmitri Young.

Papi really not on his game, and you can tell from a pitch like the one he just missed – 90mph, no movement, inside half of the plate, and he popped it up to the left side of the infield, saved only by a Metrodome speaker.

Nice grab by Young on a medium-soft fly by Tek right down the line in left, Youk barely gets back to second. Looks like another squander in the making.

Sighting of the night: watching the Mets on SNY here in Brooklyn, and Julian Tavarez is warming up for the Nats! Leatherface!

Aflack answer is indeeed Dmitri/Delmon Young. I thought you were right once I saw your answer, Paul.
Matt Weiters officially starting on Friday for the Orioles.

Despite his piss-poor numbers, I really like Tavarez. I miss that scary-ass face.

hey, look, the Sox got someone to second again! And this time, they scored! Now, let’s do it again…

And there you have it. The guy with the .264 OBP hits one into the ground, and Lugo can’t get it over to first in time. Really bad luck.

And there you have a tie game. Lester getting scorched this inning, lucky that Ellsbury saved him on the shot to center.
Love that Lester can’t navigate this abomination that is the Twins’ bottom of the order. Pathetic.

This has just been a shit inning from Lester, after pitching quite nicely through the first four. And the bottom of the order sets it all up. Morneau parks it.
What the fuck, Lester.

Yeah, Twins radio says the “Red Sox Nation” phenomenon is just New Englanders who can’t afford to go to Fenway, so they just travel all over the country. Some of that is true. But a lot of it is crap.

That inning was entirely his own fault, Paul. He gives up three solidly hit balls to the bottom of the order (saved on one by Ellsbury), loses one guy to lucky BABIP, then walks Mauer on 5 pitches to face Morneau.
That inning is all on Lester, and not on the snake.

Bal 7, Tor 2, F
Cle 5, TB 1, top 8
And crap, the Cubs on target to end their losing streak.

Eh, I’ve sort of given up on this game — already hoping Dice-K gets his first win tomorrow. Now I’m trying to decide who I want to win this NBA game…

I know Ellsbury has gotten some attention for his hit streak, but it seems like lately EVERY one of his at-bats is quality. He’s making hard contact with the ball almost every time, and hitting a lot to the opposite-field. His OPS is barely over .700, but when you factor in his defense and speed he’s doing great.
For instance, he’s stolen 2nd base 18 times. If you turn 18 singles into doubles, his slugging goes from .374 to .466, making his OPS .801.

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