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Tuesday Night Rivalry Action: Sox-Yanks Gamer

The Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski New Era ads are semi-funny, but tragic.  Doesn’t matter, the rivalry jumped shark long ago.  Everything after Ortiz in a Yankee cap is derivative.  Tonight, the Bronx sees Jon Lester and Freddy Garcia pitching for their respective organizations.  Scutaro’s been activated and is in the lineup for the Sox tonight.  Papelbon got knicked for three games for umpity bumpity, but he’s appealing so he’s available.

Lineups follow.  Play nice and comment away.

J. Ellsbury cf .299
D. Pedroia 2b .244
A. Gonzalez 1b .339
K. Youkilis 3b .259
D. Ortiz dh .325
C. Crawford lf .248
J. Saltalamacchia c .240
J.D. Drew rf .226
M. Scutaro ss .235
J. Lester 3.94
NY Yankees
D. Jeter dh .260
C. Granderson cf .274
M. Teixeira 1b .258
A. Rodriguez 3b .287
R. Cano 2b .277
R. Martin c .236
N. Swisher rf .215
A. Jones lf .230
E. Nunez ss .224
F. Garcia 3.34

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I was a little off in my prediction. Freddy isn’t going to make it out of the 1st inning.
Changing my prediction of the score too…24-0 Sox.

When we first got here I was disappointed by how far our seats are from the action. Now I’m starting to think a little distance is a good thing. What a horror-show so far. If anyone gets news on Teix please do post…

Lester blasts Tex square in the knee…he’s carried off the field.
Season over.
Time to take out Adrian. Earhole works for me.

Lester looks like crap…as hard as Garcia is throwing he’d have to be throwing from about 40 away or else the jitters will have no problem getting out of the way

Let’s see how many Freddy gives up this inning…4? 5?
I cannot believe Tex is out. I know it wasn’t on purpose but someone needs to pay…Old Testament-style.

Leadoff walk…
I’m sorry IH, I can’t watch this anymore. Someone else will have to give you an update. I’m putting on the soccer game.
Enjoy your 6th win against us SF’s.

46 pitches, 23 for strikes, and he was awful. Red Sox radio says he was topping out at 87.
Still, and I’m not trying to be derisive, I wonder if Tito would have such a quick hook.

I would rather be home watching the 2-on-1 tournament…I mean, the NBA Finals.
Seriously, what a terrible game. Stranding runners on a night that Lester is all over the place. Horrible pitching. And our hottest hitter knocked out, perhaps for the series.

Ok, looks like Millar has some great seats right next to the Sox dugout, NESN just showed him chatting up Beckett. Looks like his MLB gig has some perks

Jenks walked down the bullpen steps on eggshells. I’ve had back issues, back surgery, the whole works. Just plain debilitating. Jorge all over the basepads tonight. Come on A-Rod!

Glad to see Noeci out there again. He has done well all things considered and the last 2 innings have been quick 1-2-3’s. Don’t burn through Robertson/Joba yet.

I really hope there aren’t any YF’s that actually believe we are going to win, down 3, in the 9th.
This team is pathetic. They are not champions. They are a joke. 1-6 against the Sox and we’ll be LUCKY to make the playoffs.
Our only hope is MAJOR trades combined with Swisher, Posada and half the pitching staff going bye-bye.
We are fucked.

Reminds me … my brother in law finally got a copy of a video from a travel team tournament he pitched in back when he was in high school. He wanted the video because he strikes out Jeter twice in the game.
He said it was a tournament in Michigan.
Jeter was probably 17 or 18. You could tell by the swing it was him.
Crazy stuff.

How’s that feel Yankees???
$200+ million and you aren’t even going to make the playoffs.
You are a disgrace to the pinstripes.
Feel shame you bunch of losers.

Congrats bill. Enjoy your 3rd ring dude. We certainly will not stand in your way. We have to spend all our money on hookers and drugs.

Paps’ 200th career save.

Well, Lester won his 8th, but he wasn’t good. Wonder if he’s thrown the cutter too much.
Hope Tex is OK. (By Friday.) (Kidding! I really hope he’s OK.)
This was hardly will go down as a classic.

I said this at the beginning of the season and I’ll say it again: 90 victories might win this division.
Both of these teams are still struggling to find the right formula.

Bills, Brian pitched at Northwestern, and still holds school record for career best ERA and career losses. Mark Loretta was a teammate. Brian still says glowing things about Loretta.
He played in the Cape league with Adam Kennedy and Darin Erstad. in the draft, Erstad was No.1 overall, Brian went to the Tigers in the 52nd round, pitched one year in the NY-Penn League and then was cut loose. Raking it in for Travelers now.
So, yeah, he peaked.

I don’t get that HBP retribution mentality.
No reason to believe Lester hit anyone on purpose. None at all.
But then come the calls for retaliation. Why?
That’s how people get hurt.
It stinks that Tex got hurt and had to leave to game. Wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t play Wednesday.
But someone tell me what is solved with retaliation when Lester clearly didn’t mean to hit him?
If there’s intent, fine. I get that.
(Exhibit 1: Pedro Martinez.)
But otherwise, what does it prove? That it’s OK to be a cementhead in baseball?

Is it too much to hope that Ortiz gets a fastball in his shriveled nut sack from Burnett?
Yeesh, act like you’ve been there. And against a rookie? I guess being one slump away from from the end of your career – for two seasons running – has a certain way of leaving a mark. He better keep it up. Not too many teams want a one dimensional player these days.

i hate to sound too bitter about 1 loss, although it’s 6 of 7 now against the sox, right?, but i don’t get this:
“…Papelbon got knicked for three games for umpity bumpity, but he’s appealing so he’s available….”
i know it’s a formality to appeal, and the timing is perfect for papeldouche, being that they have these three games against the yankees, but what exactly is he appealing, on what grounds?…the whole world saw him be a douchebag and bump the ump, so what’s up?…never mind, i answered my own question…he’ll serve the suspension at a less critical time…
as for the hbp’s…i didn’t see them, but i’m inclined to believe that neither tex’s or martin’s was intentional…i sure hate to think beckett’s bad attitude is rubbing off on lester, and i’ve seen him enough to believe that he is not that type of player…
i don’t even have a problem with papi’s bat flip…he got a big homer against the yankees…it’s like joba’s fist pump after a big out…sf’s don’t have a problem with that, right?…at least he didn’t blow noesi a kiss: …has papi gotten a bit more cocky these days?…yep…batting .324 with a .922 ops and 168 ops+ with 14 homers might make you feel it a bit…

“Big deal. I enjoy the game. I’m a home run hitter. It’s not like I do it all the time. It’s part of the excitement, you know what I mean? What can I tell you?”
-David Ortiz
“Big deal. I enjoy the game. I’m a strikeout pitcher. It’s not like I do it all the time. It’s part of the excitement, you know what I mean? What can I tell you?”
-Joba Chamberlain
Both sides should hush on this one. What Papi did was a douche move and what Joba does comes off douchey as well. Both walk the fine line between disrespecting the game and being themselves. Let’s call this one even.
As for the hit batters, on purpose or not Burnett needs to hit someone in the back or a** cheek. You can’t have your players getting hit with no retaliation.

dc, Papelbon has accepted blame for the bump and seems resigned to suspension. However, if you did see the game Randazzo clearly was eager to engage Papelbon, something umpires should be better at refraining from doing. I think Papelbon figures he might be able to get the suspension reduced from 3 games to 2, something that wouldn’t surprise and is not unheard of. So he gets to appeal, it’s due process and not unwise.
As for the Papi bat flip, it’s kind of stupid and egotistical but hardly the end of the world. Girardi said he didn’t like it (why would he like it?!) but also said he was trying to make sure his young pitcher knew he was going to protect his ego in this case and call it out. That’s good managing from Girardi and a commensurate response from the skipper. I think Papi should do better as a sportsman but in the end these teams have done far worse to and in front of each other. It’s hard to sh*t all over Papi for hitting a homer in an arch-rival’s park, particularly in light of what are likely many derogatory comments (to his face) about how close his to the end of his career, per above. One might forgive him his ego, though in an ideal uncharged world he might just skip around the bases head down.

Wow, lots of YFs calling for retribution plunks tomorrow. You’re tied for first… what’s with all the anger? The hits on Teix was absolutely not intentional, not in an 0-2 count with two runners on. It was the same cutter to Martin too; obviously he was having trouble with it all night.
And James, are you really that upset about Ortiz flicking the bat? Like dc says, it’s a big homer against your rival in Yankees stadium. It’s pretty hypocritical to defend Joba’s emotional celebrations and then call out Ortiz for something extremely minor.

You can’t have your players getting hit with no retaliation.
Sure you can. Screw the “code”. It’s infantile and dangerous. Lester has had zero control, and last night’s hit was not intentional. It’s not black and white.
Should the Bruins decapitate a Sedin? I mean, they lost a first liner while the Canucks lost their fifth defenseman. There are some Bruins fans calling for blood, but what’s the point? Seems like the Bruins “retaliated” with eight goals; that’s a hell of a lot more satisfying. Maybe the Yankees embarrassing the Sox and Wakefield would be a hell of a lot better as a comeback.
If Lester had thrown at Tex we could have a different discussion, I think, though it might still be, to me, somewhat stupid.

Has nothing to do with being in 1st or being in last. Intention also has little to do with it as well. Two of your players got hit, now go out tonight and hit one of theirs. Not in his head, his back or his a** cheek. Just to say hey I know you didn’t hit our guys on purpose, but this is baseball, this is my team and we aren’t taking any sh*t from you guys. No anger, it’s just the game.

Not in his head, his back or his a** cheek.
Ok, good. Give us baserunners. Hit two guys in the ass – please. Free scoring opportunities.
It’s as dumb as Ozzie Guillen bunting in the middle of a third inning rally. I am all for it.

I can appreciate the code, to a certain degree. I accept that when something like this happens there’s sort of a solemn understanding of “Okay, go out there tomorrow and send a message. It’s part of the game.” I was more specifically commenting on the anger behind the desire to see AGonz and Ortiz hit, because the anger surprised me. Though after a tough loss I can understand how your bloodlust gets up.

You don’t need to hit two, you hit one. Just to say this is for our two. It’s what has been done for as long as baseball has been around. It’s your opinion that it’s dumb, it’s my opinion that it’s an important part of the game. I am not getting nearly as fired up as you though, why? It was the Yankees that were hit right? Not everything is black and white.
I don’t follow hockey, but no I don’t want anyone hurt. I said the back or a** cheek twice.

I am not getting nearly as fired up as you though, why?
Wait, this is me being “fired up”?
I think throwing at guys in “retaliation” for accidental HBPs is dumb. Nothing more. I also think what Papi did was dumb.
Not sure how you take that as “fired up”?

They could hit Papi 100x it isn’t going to change who he is. He’s a fun loving guy who has a blast playing the game (much like Manny) who walks the fine line between having fun and disrespecting the game. As Yankee fans it’s annoying, as Sox fans I am sure it’s endearing. Same as Joba’s fist pump seems “cute” to Yankee fans. They are who they are and nothing a pitcher is going to do with a misplaced FB is going to change that.

“…Wow, lots of YFs calling for retribution plunks tomorrow….”
not me, like i said…i doubt they were intentional…rep has a lot to do with it…if it were beckett or papelbon, i might think differently, but i’d have to see the play…
like i said, papi just got caught up in the moment…his excited about finally contributing again…
i understand your need to defend papelbon sf, but you must have missed the part where he tried to show up the ump…papelbon has a history of being a dickhead, and i don’t know any ump who is willing to take that bs…

It’s also worth noting that in Ortiz’ next at-bat after Martin got plunked, he walked up to him, put his arm on his shoulder, and asked if he was okay. Surely that puts his karma back in positive territory, right? Ortiz is generally one of the nicest, friendliest guys in baseball.

Screw the code…It’s dumb, decapitate, etc…just seemed like you were getting all fired up. If not, my apologies.
Accidental or not 2 Yankees got hit. It’s the game and I hope it never changes. It happens at every level. It’s just a way of standing up for your teammates, letting them know you have their backs. That’s all it is.

his excited about finally contributing again..
Not to take bait, but this is a tad revisionist. He’s back to contributing like he did in 2004-5-6, but the last two years were pretty decent, tinged by his famous early-season struggles. But he is a sight to see right now, without a doubt.

Also, I am not “defending” Paps, dc. You asked about his appeal and why it is happening, and I think there is a really good chance that the suspension goes from 3 to 2 games, which is a GREAT reason to appeal. It would not surprise me at all if that happened, particularly if you saw the game.
He has a very GOOD reason for an appeal – you asked the question.

It’s the game and I hope it never changes
You are a former player and a coach so have a different relationship with the game, admittedly. I think this is the type of attitude that gets us into silly international conflicts.

DC, Papelbon is definitely a dick. He’s one of the few SFs that I would hate if he weren’t on my team. But the situation where he got kicked out was crazy because he was talking face-to-face with Salty when the umpire decided he heard something he didn’t like. He definitely deserves the suspension (you can’t bump an ump, period), but I can understand why he’s appealing. Though if I were a Yanks fan I’d be hoping not to see him.

to add to Ath’s comment, I also dislike Paps a good deal. But I totally understand the appeal, simply because I think there’s a very strong chance it ends up at 2 games instead of 3 (plus he gets to pitch in this series). The due process aspect is what it is.

I don’t think Paps is a dick. I think he’s a dumbass.
I think that if we had a chance to sit down and spend five minutes with all 52 of the guys on the Red Sox and Yankees rosters, we’d find that most of these guys are decent at heart but immature as hell. I’d bet quite a few of these guy are dumber than a box of rocks. Then combine the testosterone. YIKES!
That’s why I recoil so much when WE call for retalitation and retribution. WE are smarter than that. (I think.)

Gammo on Mut & Lou: Bud’s Office not happy with Randazzo for creating confrontation with Paps, but had to suspend Paps for bumping him. (I can see that.)
Bud’s Office is working with umps to remove the confrontational attitude.
Bud’s Office also unhappy that ump didn’t ask for help on the Pedroia missed tag that wasn’t a missed tag against the White Sox.

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