Tuesday Ramblings, Yankee Edition

A forgetable game tonight in KC. Zach Greinke, 21-year-old darling of Baseball Prospectus, looked eminently beatable but somehow escaped after five innings with only 3 runs on the board for the Yanks. He certainly wasn’t more impressive than Kevin Brown, who got tagged for a hard-luck loss courtesy of the anemic attack and the usual poor defense. Some observations.

  • A-Rod’s useless throw across the diamond cost a run. The YES team neglected to mention it.
  • Woemack. Terrible.
  • Robinson Cano has a gun.
  • Bernie just might be well suited to part-time duty. A pair of doubles, tonight. Robbed by a bad call in the 8th. But boy is he slow out there in the field.
  • Was that really a clutch hit by Giambi?
  • Kudos to Girardi for the aggressive substitution policy.
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  • I would not look too deep into this one for a couple of reasons. Everything you mentioned the world already knew before the game, and the kid from KC is going to be a really good hurler in this league if he ever gets out of that town. I’m not sure I go along with the YES guys’ when comparing him to Brett Saberhagen (SP). I really thought the play that changed the game was Womack getting picked off late with only one out.

    Brad-SF June 1, 2005, 12:18 am
  • Does Girardi also get kudos for leading the Yankees to a loss against a team on pace for the worst record in history? At least he subsitutes good!

    SF June 1, 2005, 6:34 am

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