Turning Point?: Sox-Mariners Gamer III

Let's see. Hmm. What turning points options do we have here? How about this one? Will Terry Francona's decision to give David Ortiz a weekend rest turn around the struggling slumber's season? Or, will yesterday's victory prove to be the turning point of the season?

This is the thread for sf-rod and all other Sox fans to discuss Boston turning points.

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Good strikeout there. Only 10 pitches in the inning, half of them from Beltre’s at-bat.

thank you nick. here’s to hoping you and your team have several more turning points this season.

ath- turning points only happen when your playing a sub .500 team without one recognizable starting pitcher.

who would have guessed jacoby would be hitting .300 by the middle of may with the start he had?

sf, around April 15 I said something like “I’m calling it now: today Jacoby starts his meteoric rise to his 2009 batting title”

johnny damon hits a pop up down off the end of the bat to the second baseman. opps, my bad. it’s a homer to right. TURNING POINT!

have you noticed how the yanks have taken to the shaving creme towel prank after games? they’re so wacky with their team chemistry and good time feelings. you can really tell they’re a tight nit bunch. it doesn’t look and feel forced at all.

Clay’s pawtucket line: awesome. Masterson should be in the bullpen.

ath- the funniest comment i’ve heard so far with regards to yankee right field (the porch damon built) was…. during the graduation ceremonies that NYU had at yankee stadium this past week, when the students threw up there hats they all ended up in the upper deck in right field.

Masterson’s pitches have amazing movement on them; but when he’s coming out of the bullpen his velocity is 95-98, whereas as a starter it’s more like 92-95. Big difference in his effectiveness.
Don’t get me wrong: he’s a great #5 pitcher. But he’s more valuable out of the ‘pen.

JD Drew drinks your milkshake. 2-2.
That’s hilarious sfrod! I need to find that commercial.

pretty decent outing for masterson. 6 K’s an no BB’s. quite a difference from his last outing in anahiem.

The Sox’s AAAA players’ production no longer vastly exceeding their talent is really killing the offense. Fortunately for the Sox, Youkilis is coming back real soon.

The Yankees win three straight games on walk-offs, and the Red Sox lose two on walkoffs. What a shitty weekend.

Ortiz is supposed to be back tomorrow, though I don’t know when he will “return”.

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