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Turning Point

"Turning Point" has become sort of joke around these parts.  Whether it's the Yankees or the Sox, if you stick around long enough during a game thread you will almost certainly see the words "Turning Point."  Comeback win, "Turning Point."  Walk off home run, "Turning Point."  Well in an article in today's Daily News, Mark Feinsand takes a crack at what he believes might very well have been the "Turning Point" of the Yankees 2009 season.           

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I am guessing this isn’t an article about the date they wrapped up signing $500M in free agents during the 2008-2009 offseason.

Sweet we had gone almost a week without a pot shot at the yankees spending money. I love how you make it sound like they wrote a check for $500 mil all at once not spread over the next 8 years or so

sam, I think the idea of “turning points” is, to be polite, stupid. That’s what I was getting at – the turning point didn’t exist, the successes had more to do with the talent acquisition and not much else. I apologize for not being clearer.
The Yankees didn’t have a turning point during the season. They were loaded with talent, got healthy, and played to their abilities. I was being sarcastic.
A lot of Sox fans point to the Tek facerake of A-Rod in 2004, but that too is mythology.

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