Two More for the Road

Alex Rodriguez banged out two more dingers last night, and just missed a third, bringing his season total to 51 while setting the all-time record for a 3rd baseman at 49 (he hit a pair as a DH). With 20-odd games remaining, he’s already surpassed his 2005 MVP-season numbers, and his rate stats are the best in his career. Last night he was caught stealing—a shock—for only the 3rd time this year, against 22 stolen bases. The only thing he doesn’t do is catch foul pops, and for that he can be forgiven, because he is otherwise a steady glove at the corner. It’s really been a privilege to watch him this season, and nevermind the michegas about bimbos and contract options and his relationship with the Captain. The astonished grin on Derek’s face when Alex sent one into the upper deck in left field last week spoke volumes. I suspect a lot of Yankee fans had that same look in their living rooms, and hope there are many more to come in our future, this year and beyond. For the moment, he’s the best player on the planet, and he’s pretty much locked up the MVP.

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  • cha-ching

    dc September 9, 2007, 10:31 am

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