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I really don't have many other things to say. The things I said after the Sox were 0-4 and 0-5 still count. This is a good ballclub; good ballclubs sometimes lose four, five and even six consecutive games in a season. The 2010 San Francisco Giants lost seven in a row. The 2008 Philadelphia Phillies dropped six straight. The 2006 Cardinals lost eight in a row twice. The 2003 Marlins lost six in a row twice in one month. In fact, of the 11 World Series winners since 2000, seven have had at least one streak of six losses or more.

The game this afternoon was terrible to watch. Jon Lester pitched his brains out, but the offense did nothing against a wild Fausto Carmona before he settled down. The deciding run scored on a suicide squeeze, the No. 9 hitter having been put on base by a leadoff walk in which none of the four balls was close. The game ended with a horrific baserunning blunder, the kind a player commits when he's trying to prevent a six-game losing streak all by himself.

Most of all, though, I was struck by how nothing is going the Red Sox' way. Not the calls: Jacoby Ellsbury was clearly safe at second on what should have been a bases-loading E-3 in the third, and David Ortiz and Jon Lester both fell victim to home plate umpire Jerry Meals' inconsistent outer-half strike zone in one inning. Not the drops or the weather: The Sox tagged some balls, but each one was pushed back by the wind or held up just long enough to be caught.

But honestly I'm tired of talking about it. I'd much rather be dissecting wins instead of calling for calm in a hurricane of panic. So instead, I'll leave it to Dave Cameron:

Boston fans should not be scared by the lack of historical comparisons for slow starting teams turning it around – there simply aren’t very many examples of teams this good starting this poorly. And, just because they lost their first six games does not mean we should throw out our evaluations of the talent on their roster that we believed to be true a week ago. In fact, six games shouldn’t be enough to change any evaluation of ability in a significant way, so whatever you thought about the Red Sox’ abilities last week, you should still think something very close to that today.

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Exactly right. There have been no new injuries and thus no change in talent. And while our evaluation of that talent may have been significantly flawed, there have been far too few games played to make that determination.

Those teams you mentioned benefits from being in weak divisions though.
90-93 wins means a playoff spot in other divisions.. AL East, it might not.

Really, anyone who thinks this season isn’t in major jeopardy just because every season has streaks is off their rocker. This is a crippling start.
Worse, it is emotionally depressing for someone who was so looking forward to the diversion of baseball, a diversion that has already taken on portentous qualities, a season which appears to be lost almost as quicky as it began.

Lar, I really think 90-93 wins could be the number to win it this year in the AL East. Baltimore, Toronto, and (despite their own 0 and 6 start) can all put up a fight. Beyond that, I think the difference between the strongest and weakest teams in almost all the divisions (Texas and Seattle may be the the exception) is smaller than usual.

“Really, anyone who thinks this season isn’t in major jeopardy just because every season has streaks is off their rocker. This is a crippling start.”
That’s a tad bit dramatic!
Having watched the Yankees go 11-19 then make the playoffs, I refuse to believe this Sox team is either crippled or in major jeopardy. It’s not true. They’re too good and they get the benefit of the doubt from me. I also don’t own a rocker.

When the no team has started 0-4 was thrown out by the media (just to start the casual fan panicking in my opinion) I told my wife “yeah, and no team came back down 0-3 in baseball to win a 7 game series” (Sorry YFs to bring that up). It was said to talk her down from the ledge (you know the saying…happy wife, happy life and all that), but it was also to sooth my own mind. I had huge (maybe too huge?) expectations for this team. Heck I even dropped hints to her about getting me the Extra Innings package to be able to watch all the games since I’m in down here in VA. Now I have to keep convincing her that this is a good, even great team, on paper. May how I hate paper right now!

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