Unlikelihoods: Sox-Yanks Gamer II

The Yankees are a significantly better team than the Red Sox this year, so winning a game with two rookies going off seemed unlikely, but Xander and Mookie delivered, so here we are.  If the Sox win today’s game, they’ll not only take the series, but they’ll have won two of the three series at Yankee Stadium this season (the Yankees are currently winning the season series 8-6)…and pushed the Yankees a little closer to the brink (currently 5 GB of the second wildcard).  That seems not entirely likely when the matchup is Kuroda and Ranaudo, but hey, Ranaudo won his first three starts.  Let’s keep that going.

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  • The Yankees aren’t significantly better than the Red Sox, just a bit less worse.

    attackgerbil September 3, 2014, 5:07 pm

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