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Wait, There’s a Game?: Sox-Yanks Gamer

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that’s ok krueg…he had happy feet and looked like crap in that at bat…had the same effect…looked like the bad fatti…no bat flip

Dear Hip Hip,
I never liked you. You rode the coat tails of your much more talented teammates your entire career. It’s hard to think of anything you really contributed to any of the success of the Yankees. Your attitude sucks and you clearly don’t know when to hang ’em up. Please retire? Stop kidding yourself and have some fucking pride.
With hate,

Dear Brett,
When the ball goes to the backstop, RUN YOU IDIOT!!!! When you are on first base, STEAL SECOND!!!! Your defense is pretty good.

Just goes to show you he’s right about himself…he’s not really a strikeout pitcher anymore, having just gotten his first in the 3rd. Oh, Beckett hits another.

Youk grabs the shallow pop liner thing.
Seems like somebody getting hit on the Sox’ side wouldn’t be all that undeserved at this point, even if game-situation wise, neither was a good time to hit a batter tonight.
Just aim for the middle area, generally, all right, Yanks pitchers?

i’ll say it again, beckett’s a total a**hole thug…felt like deja vu…thought arod was going to dance with captain-tek and get another glove sandwich by the masked toast…oh well…umps are so sleeping if they don’t issue a warning…

NO…we aren’t good now. Pussy warning from the umps. (ala instigator rule)
Still need one more scalp. But it will cost us the game. Might be worth it??? :)

Like there weren’t gonna be warnings in a game where Beckett has already hit two guys and CC, who has been really in control, nails a guy in the thigh.

not if we’re counting the number of hbp’s devine…we still got some catching up to do…but i’d rather we stay classy and leave the bs to thugs like beckett…

the only way that makes sense krueg is if we have a bigger lead late in the game, and joe is planning to take the pitcher out anyway…

I know, I know…still. As I’ve said many times before, it’s easy to take the high road when your team is the one nailing our players every single game.
No damage and Papi gets a welt. Nice.
I would love to see CC vs Big Fatty in a street fight.

my point was that the ump should have warned beckett after the first one devine, and surely after the second one…especially since hbp’s has been a hot topic of discussion throughout this series…just shows the total lack of prep on the part of most of these umpires…

I didn’t see any of the Red Sox on Yankees HBPs in this series as definitely intentional. I’ll allow one of the Beckett ones probably was. Fine, we’ve hit, what, four of your guys in this series, one of them intentionally. Let’s say 3 unintentional HBP’s = one intentional HBP. Go ahead, hit one more guy. We’re all punchy and gonna be up late anyway. Bring it! Hit AG…you know it’s coming.

Intention is not the point. The Sox batters are FAR too comfortable in the box, as evidenced by the offensive assault. We need to move them off the plate, like the Sox do. Right?

Cervelli threw another one away? WHY DO THEY KEEP HIM AROUND??
They have guys who check stats, right? Did they not see that Cervelli was the worst defensive catcher last year? Yes, even worse than Posada. And he doesn’t hit either. He got a very favorable ruling by the scorekeeper on his double yesterday.
We don’t enough breathing room to allow guys like Cervelli to start. Bring up Montero, already. He can’t be worse than Cervelli defensively. He would certainly do better at DH than Posada has too.

I’d be pissed too if I were you, just to be completely fair (I was the guy who just said a few minutes ago the Sox have earned a lump, it’s fine if they have to take it).
I don’t know if it’s really a strategy thing that caused so many batters to be hit in this thing. Do the Sox hit a lot of batters in general? I just think this is a lot of testosterone boiling over.

“…Bring it! Hit AG…you know it’s coming….”
the way he looked bailing out in his last ab, i don’t think i’d bother hitting him…maybe none of them were intentional, but like krueg says, that’s not really the point…i’m not so sure cc’s was intentional either then…he just had a pitch get away from him…he had been trying to pitch papi in and out in the prior at bat when he k’d…so, nah, no intent…oy

Anyway, whatevs, I’m sorry I stirred it up, I didn’t intend to. Y’all are gonna be in first again after tonight and this series will be bygones and hopefully all bad blood settled without the need for further stuff later. I gotta go pay attention to the wife and kid for a little bit (I’m thankfully on the west coast, sorry other dudes who will probably be up later than me regardless of the time zone difference).

They sure hit a lot of Yankee batters…
And we are men, right? Testosterone is always in play. Except for some of our older posters maybe…hehe. ;)

Lester has compiled more HBP’s than anyone in the AL and Beckett has always pounded inside, including heavy HBP totals. The there is knuckle-Wake, who has plenty of HBPs. Yes, the Sox hit lots. For the record, so do the Yanks (AJ is a one-man HBP-machine). But in this rivalry for several years now (except 2009) the Sox have out-HBP’d the Yanks by 20 % as per Paul’s stats in the earlier thread on this topic. In short Devine, yes, the Sox hit a lot, especially so vs. the Yankees over the past decade.

Hey IH, did you write me into that proposal or what??? I’ve been watching “Selling New York” on HGTV and I’ve picked out a loft or two… :)

Tex grounds out.
It would be nice to get a few more runs at some point. We have seen this movie before. Score early, then nothing the rest of the game.

I gotta say, we often complain about announcers, but I really enjoy the Leiter, O’Neill, Kay nights, though Kay annoys me when he’s on his own. Good comment from Paul and Al re: what it’s like as a hitter/pitcher and they’re generally pretty funny together as a 3-some.
Jorge. This would be huge.

I don’t mind Kay…he’s better than grandma and grandpa.
O’Neil, Leiter, Cone, Flash…all good. I like when Cone and Leiter are together.
And Kenny’s voice is silky-smooth!

Completely misplays a double down the line…Big Fatty almost has a heart attack running the bases and scores.
I want to punch holes through the wall. But this house is a rental.

If I were CC, I would rabbit punch Nick in the dugout. Stupid, worthless piece of shit.
He’s DEFINITELY gone next season so we won’t have to watch his sorry-ass next year at least. I wonder what FA right fielders are out there next year. We need another Paulie O’Neil.

Tie game. Thanks Swisher you fucking asshole.
Blew CC’s awesome start. He may leave after this season knowing how terrible we have become.

Dear CC,
We don’t deserve you. I’ll be up in NYC in August but you guys will be on a road trip. If not, I promise I would hunt down Swisher and beat the living shit out of him.
Love always,

This team is like a broken record…
Score early.
Do nothing for the rest of the game.
Cough up the lead.
I’m going to bed. Fuck this team.

Good night. Every time the yanks finish a series with the sox this year I’ve wondered how it is that the yankees are in such strong position in the standings. I suspect that by the next time these teams meet, the Sox will be at least 7 games ahead.

well this has happened before…we can’t beat the sox, but everybody else can…that’s what’s keeping it close…it’s still only june and despite losing a 2 game lead within 72 hours, we are only 1 back…ugh, how can i sound so positive about that?…we are playing like crap, getting bad injury news every day it seems, and the sox are flying high…my only concern is that if we just don’t match up well with the sox and continue to lose to them, we might limp into the playoffs anyway, but will be doomed if we have to play them…that’s not a scenario i’m too excited about…i mean just making the playoffs is a nice goal if you’re kansas city…the worst thing for me about last night’s game is that the smug thug got rewarded with a W, while nice guy cc took the L…

Actually what has kept it close was the Sox’ awful start. The fact is that everyone else isn’t beating the Sox. They are 34-16 since the 2-10 opening skein. They aren’t just beating the Bombers.

We just have to hope the Sox choke now…we are not going to factor into the decision.
Man, and the Bruins too. COME ON CANUCKS!!!
PS Have we EVER been sellers at the trade deadline??? This might be the time.

good point sf…obviously i’m not being objective because i’m not too happy right now…i guess what i meant about everybody else being able to beat the sox is that of their 26 losses only 1 has been at the hands of the yankees, in 9 tries…with the sox winning 6 straight [3 against the yanks] and the yanks losing [another] 3 straight [all against the sox], their respective forturnes are heading in opposite directions…

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