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Wanted: Backup Backstop

Think the Yanks are interested in finding someone (anyone!) to backup Jorge? In addition to Wil Nieves, who’s on the 40-man roster, invited to Yankee spring training are: Francisco Cervelli, Raul Chavez, Ben Davis, Peter Pilittere, Todd Pratt, Omir Santos, Joe Girardi, Matt Nokes, and Butch Wynegar. Got skillz? Start working on your squat-thrusts and oil up that glove!

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Joe Girardi? Sheesh.
Wouldn’t that be interesting, instead of (or maybe in addition to) his job at YES, he gets to be a player/coach on the Yankees.

I think the Sox are willing to offer any of the guys who don’t make it a minor-league contract to try out for closer.

Might I recommend Javy Lopez? Hell, he did a bang-up job for the Yankees last season (even if he was on the Sox payroll). The Yanks might as well make it official.

lopez signed with the rockies. it didn’t get much ink or attract that much attention. it was just a week or so ago.
at this point, they might as well let some kids fight it out in the spring and see if anyone becomes available as the season progresses. hopefully posada can stay healthy.

Hendricks is working it into the deal that Koby will be Rocket’s personal catcher. Problem solved one day out of five.

the ben davis thing would be interesting. in 2001 davis broke up a schilling no hitter in the 8th with a bunt. schilling called the move busch league and classless.

Which was wrong, IMO. If I recall correctly, it was a close game that could’ve turned on a “bloop ‘n a blast” which could start with a bunt basehit. If I’m misremembering and it was a blowout… maybe he had a point.

rob- you’re remembering correctly. it was a 2-0 game. davis getting on brought the tying run to the plate. schilling made reference to “unwritten rules of baseball” while tearing into davis. i thought schilling looked bad on this one.

Bwahahaha. I admire the man’s grit and performance in situations where it matters most, but boy does Schilling come off like a spoiled punk.

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