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We Be Late: BoSox-ChiSox Gamer

Comment away on your Saturday red-n-white stocking stuffer.

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Wow, Rick Sutcliffe just mentioned that Amelie Benjamin article about JD Drew. He said:
“She made an excellent point that he has only batted .300 in 3 of 17 months as a member of the Red Sox, which is weird for someone with such a pretty swing.”
Yeah, that’s some awesome commentary Rick. By the way, her name is “Amelie”, not “Molly”

Wow, Sutcliffe is horrible. It’s the beginning of the 4th, and he says:
“When do we get to the part where we can talk about the fact that Floyd has a perfect game?”
He’s only gone through the lineup once. At least wait until the 5th inning before giving it some serious consideration.

Sutcliffe: “He hit the foul pole there, but in this situation the foul pole is a fair ball.”
What the fuck? When would the foul pole be a poul ball? Horrible to listen to.

No way this was going to be a perfecto for Floyd,like it wasn’t for Doc last night. They can flirt with it for a time,but offenses like the Yankees,and the Sox,no matter how they are sucking at a game, they always find a way to hit something or draw a walk. It’s hard to get a perfect game against both our teams,the way I see it.

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