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We Finally Got a Hit: Yanks-O’s Gamer II

Phil Hughes got mangled.  Again.  Colon already in the game and it's 5-0 Orioles in the bottom of the 5th – but A-Rod just got the Yanks' first hit of the night with a double down the third base line.  Offense has not been the Yankee's problem so far this young season.  They certainly need it now…

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Meek pop-up by Posada, Granderson grounds out after staring at what should have been strike three. Arieta has been carving the Yankees up and has barely broken a sweat. He has thrown just 65 pitches in 5 innings and given up 2 hits, is hitting corners and his ball has lots of late movement. Impressive.

Gardner beats out the DP and Jeter singles up the middle. All right now – meat of the order, two on, one out. If we’re going to get back into this, now would be a good time…

Quiet house here. Arrieta has a 6 ERA, even if he’s breezing through it so far.
Gardner and Jeter on, one out, it’s time for a rally!

Hardly-ever-see-it-happen bloop to the opposite field from Teixeira (yes Mark, there is a field over there too) and the Yanks are set up with 2nd and 3rd, another run in, and A-Rod up with Cano on deck. Feeding frenzy…please………

Full count…A-Rod flies to the opposite field – runners advance, Jeter scoring, 5-3 with Cano up and Teix on 3rd. Get that one in Robbie!!!! I’ll feel good if this becomes a battle of the pens, but we still need to do some work to get Arieta out of the game.

Cano with the sharp ground out. Oh well. Three innings to hold the Birds to 5 run and to pick up 3 of their own for the Yanks. Certainly doable. Must lock the O’s down here though. Will it be Joba??

Markakis gave that a serious ride after already hitting a HR and a double tonight. Off the bat I thought that was a double at least but Granderson tracked it down on the warning track. Lee up with 2 outs and Roberts still plated at first.

Izturis and Lee with superb defensive play to get Martin out at first, but a run scores while Granderson stays at 2nd. 5-4 now. 2 outs. Gardner up. Slap one to left Brett…

Mr. No-range-to-his-left just made a superb play behind second base. Why is Colon still in tis game??? I know we don’t have the lead, but down by one at home, I pull him for Soriano.

Walks Luke Scott with one out. Joba warmed up but they’re sticking with Bartolo. This has 2-run homer written all over it. Please get him out. 2 good innings from him is all we could have asked for. And all we should.

Wow – it was a great great call. Joba planted his right foot in the baserunner’s path and he jack-knifed over Joba, never touching the plate. Really scary in that Joba by all rights should be reeling in agony right now – barely missed getting severely spiked. And then he Ks him on a 96-mph fastball on the ouside corner – YES! This is an exciting game.

It is indeed a weird way they get out of that one, but will take it. Now all that is left to do is for the Yanks to take the lead!

And he grounds out. O’s get through the toughest part of the Yanks order. If Yankees hold the Os in the 9th they’ll be one down with the bottom of the order (Posada, Granderson, Martin) due up. I’d rather see Andruw Jones or even Eric Chavez leading off. Posada looks lost.

Instead he squares to bunt and fouls it a mile high and fortunately out of play. He does NOT look comfortable bunting. I don’t like this at all. Let him try to punch it to the right side at least. He is not even crouching for the bunt.

Now it’s 2-2. This is the second game I’ve seen him try to bunt this year and he looks completely uncomfortable. Leiter says the same – that he’s “stabbing at it”. Now he’s swinging away. 3-2…

Jeter grounds out on the first pitch. I can’t complain – they entered the bottom of the 9th down by one after all. But to have Granderson on 2nd with no outs and waste Martin’s AB with horrible bunt attempts is frustrating.

I can’t believe Showalter didn’t walk Swisher. If I were an Orioles fan I’d be mad as hell. That’s a no-brainer. Posada is a double-play machine. Can’t play chicken when you’re tied in extra innings in a road game.
One huge negative but a lot of positives in this game. First place! And against the Fightin’ Showalters too!

Was unavoidably detained, but all is well!!!! (except for that little matter of our supposed #2 starter). Kudos to Girardi for pulling Hughes when he did. He only had thrown 70 or so, but Girardi made the move and Colon did better than I expected. Good drama on the first night that actually feels like baseball-weather…see ya Lar…

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