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Is George Vecsey reading this blog?

Reverse synergy exists in New York. A friend went to a Super Bowl party Sunday evening and made the mistake of demonstrating affection for the Patriots. The locals almost tore him apart.

Turns out that many Yankees fans – as if they were mad King Georges going bonkers over the serving of creamy clam chowder in the Haunted Bronx Castle – are festering in their resentment and jealousy and rage toward anything vaguely New England.

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  • Last time I checked the Patriots weren’t vaguely New England. The New York Times and its anti-Yank theme is vaguely New Englandish. It just speaks to the tolerance NYC has for outsiders that it houses a paper with a sports section filled with Red Sox fans. Could you imagine such a thing existing in in-bred provincial Boston? This place is like the scariest parts of West Virginia.

    Nick February 9, 2005, 11:43 am
  • Ah, yes, you bring back fond memories of my childhood in suburban Boston and college time in the Berkshires. Those Con-Agra chicken farms that dotted the Newton landscape, the constant din of pickup trucks throwing off their choking exhaust down Beacon Street, and particularly the acrid-but-oh-so-sweet smell of the coal mines. Your post makes me yearn for the days when my dad would come home from work in South Boston, covered in black dust and coughing up the day’s work, flashing me the universal hand signal that said but one thing: “go Mountaineers!”.

    SF February 9, 2005, 11:50 am
  • A couple of good ol’ boys just jumped out of the passenger windows of this flame orange car which has a confederate flag painted on top. No joke. I’m looking at it from my office window right this seconf. Newbury Street is getting all modern, it can now handle autos!

    Nick February 9, 2005, 1:01 pm

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