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Re: 4/40, and I ain’t referring to a track meet


I realize that your start has been slow, and that you might be feeling both the pressure of playing in the baseball-crazed city of Boston and also in a new league with a 4 year/40 million dollar contract, but don’t worry.  I will not remind you again of the monstrous deal you signed, and what it was worth, (off the top of my head I think I remember it being around 40 million bucks or so for 4 years).  I know it’s a long season, and there’s a lot more ball to be played, but I did want to tell you that we didn’t give you 4 years and 40 million smackeroos to hit .230 and make stellar plays but botch the easy ones.  Take this email with a grain of salt, since what we really think of you is indicated by the 4 year 40 million contract that we gave you – we are sure you will earn every penny of those 40 million.  Starting, say, now?!.


Mr. Epstein

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  • Yesterday’s Globe published a quote from Tony LaRussa, given just after Renteria signed w/ Boston. The gist of it was that LaRussa found it hard to believe that a mellow, retreating personality like ER would find it comfortable playing in the Boston pressure cooker. Let’s hope this was sour grapes over losing a great player and that LaRussa wasn’t onto something, ’cause right now Edgar is hitting like Pokey Reese without the benefit of Pokey Reese’s defense or, for that matter, an adorable nickname like “Pokey.”

    MJL in L.A. May 3, 2005, 12:05 pm

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