We were there for the

We were there for the bitter end last night’upper deck, section 21, row G’and we still have this strange feeling of anomie with which we were overcome after the last out. Isn’t there time for one more rally? That final half inning came and went so quickly, yet somehow still appeared in slow motion: two flies to left and a dribbler up the line, a delayed call from Welke behind home plate (did he really make the tag?), and then the Florida pile-on with Sinatra belting out “New York, New York” in the background. It all seemed impossibly far away, even’to use that hackneyed term’surreal. But surreal it was. Dream like. Out of place. *** A few notes: -Beckett and Pettitte: two masterful perfomances. -Congratulations to Eddie Layton on his retirement, and thank you. -Ronan Tynan: he’s worse in person that on tv’I know, this seems unimaginable. “God Bless America” is not a dirge. It’s Tin Pan Alley pop. That depres sing oration took the life out of the crowd when the boys were already behind. He must go. Whatever happened to Daniel Rodriguez, the cop with the great voice? -$15 for a program is outrageous, and the scorecard is basically unusable because it has an advertisement for a Japanese electronics firm screened behind the scoring area. You can’t even read what you’re doing. Boo!

Posted by YF on 10/26/2003 09:12:13 AM

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