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Well, if we’re talking about

Well, if we’re talking about prescience, I’ll take credit for this game one prognostication: “If the starting pitching holds tonight, as it should, we’re going to have a bullpen battle, and that favors Oakland.” This series is still far from over. The A’s simply held their turf. The Sox now have two home games, and Lowe starting in the first (and we know about his Fenway record). Boston should be able to put up runs at home (Nomar!), and the A’s are going to have trouble keeping up. As you are surely aware, the Sox have come back from an 0-2 playoff hole in the recent past. So now they need to win 3 games in a row, two of which will be pitched by Pedro/Lowe; a difficult but hardly impossible task. As for Yankees-Twins, Ron Gardenhire’s “Blame it on the Tenor” explanation for the Twins 7th-inning collapse sets a new standard for playoff excuse making. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no great fan of Ronan Tynan (whatever happened to Daniel Rodriguez?), but he’s not the reason Radke popped Nick Johnson on the ass, and he certainly didn’t have anything to do with Latroy Hawkins launching one into the Giuliani seats.

Posted by YF on 10/3/2003 08:34:31 AM

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