WFAN topic for discussion today:

WFAN topic for discussion today: How many games do the Red Sox have to win this weekend for it to be a success. Mike Francesa (an avowed Sox hater) said it’s a must-sweep or the Sox are dead, which I find totally ridiculous. The Sox are 4 back in the LC. Winning this series and then making up just one game a week on average, from Monday until the end of the season (difficult, but by no means impossible) gives the Red Sox the division. My take is that the Sox absolutely positively have to win 2, but not three. Winning the series puts them 3 back in the loss column with 21 games to play, hardly insurmountable. A sweep would be great, a dream, but not likely. 2 out of 3? Possible, and a step forward, hardly a death-knell.

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