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Wha Happen? Yanks-M’s Gamer II

Seas are rough for our vaunted Bombers on the start of their Left Coast slate.  Hopefully C.C. can right the ship as the Yankees turn broadsides against the Mariners and Jose Varas.  Comment away.

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Golf then nap…get up, 6-0 Yankees and just in time to see ARod flail and get Tex gunned.
It’s me. It’s my fault we suck. I am the problem.

Yanks hit well enough to get the lead against the young phenom Pineda and against King Felix, but can’t hold the Mariners’ bats or scratch runs against their pen. Go figure. Today, finally, a no-doubter. Swish has been hitting the ball solidly finally and may finally be emerging from the season-long funk. Long-term I still think this isn’t our year, but maybe, just maybe, it won’t ALL be depressing.
Captian just 20 hits from 3K.

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