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What is Old is New

Spring. The splendor of the grass. The crack of the bat. And a whiff of cow's blood.

Commence with the circus. Ugh.

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cow’s blood huh?
ok, as someone who eats my steak dangerously rare, how come i’m still aging, pudgy, slow, with a bad back and feet…hasn’t enhanced my performance one bit…what’s up with that?
[by the way, how bored are we when we start invoking the wisdom of loopyka?]

> eats my steak dangerously rare
“wipe its a** and lead it on over to the table” rare… right on, dc. I’m with you.
A couple years ago I was eating at a restaurant that had recently opened its doors. Small place. I was seated within earshot of the line. I ordered a burger and was pleased when the server asked me how I wanted it cooked. I ordered it rare, as I always do when given the option for a burger, because I assume such a place that would ask that question in this day and age actually knows what they are doing and is prepping their own beef, hand-forming the patties, etc.
Ten feet away, the server dropped the ticket on the carousel and said, “Burger rare.”
The cook said, “Rare? I’d never order a burger rare.”
“Me neither,” said the server, as she went on to discuss my obvious stupidity with the cook, whose attention was diverted as the burger that I received from her was cooked to the high side of medium. Perhaps she thought a favor was done to me.
The restaurant didn’t make it.

Hey old friends, hope you all had a nice winter.
My wife loves a rare burger, like blood rare. Every time she orders it amazes me how few people can comprehend the idea. More often than not she has to add instructions for the cook, “just tell him to grill it for 30 seconds on each side, that should do it.”
Fun fact, I love steak tartar, but hate rare burgers, go figure.
So… Baseball season, huh?

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