What Epstein/Henry are doing with

What Epstein/Henry are doing with the Red Sox stands in interesting contrast to the Yankees offseason moves. The Sox clearly seem to be working in the interest of both finance and chemistry, whereas, to these eyes at least, the Yankees seem to be responding like rotisserie owners. The potential Rodriguez/Garciaparra/Ramirez merry-go-round has clear roots in the team checkbook, but is a deal which is also geared to not destroy a relatively harmonious team. Ramirez out, Nomar traded for reasonable return, and an addition of Rodriguez (in addition to Schilling) would do nothing to weaken the team make-up, nothing to make players wonder what the front office is thinking. Compare that to the Yankees situation – they let a bedrock of the franchise go, their glue, Joe Torre, is in his walk year, they trade for a 39 year-old NL stud/health risk, and are on the verge of signing enfant terrible Gary Sheffield, who can’t even navigate an overly generous offer with any kind of class. Plus there are the usual grumblings about signing newyorkaphobe Vlad Guerrerro and now also perhaps Tejada. Where is the plan in all this? What are the “baseball” men doing? Beyond the acquisition of Vazquez, which is a smart and valuable long-term move for the Yankees (that is, if he’s extended), how are the Yankees better off right now? From a non-rotisserie standpoint, how is this a better “team”? Are the Yankees just a reactive franchise at this point? Where has the agile, active, beat-everyone-else-to-the-punch Yankees front office gone? Or am I missing something? I wonder what YF thinks of all this. If this IS all part of a plan, then what does YF think of that plan? And if it’s NOT part of a master plan, then what are the ramifications of that?

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