What is the Yankees’ mindset

What is the Yankees’ mindset with regards to not negotiating with Pettitte during their exclusive window? Is it a cavalier arrogance? Is it a brilliant negotiating ploy? I am at a bit of a loss – he’s been their best big-game pitcher, the most durable and familiar pitcher for the Bombers over the last 7 years, a gutty, dependable guy. Do the Yankees think they can just blow away whatever Houston offers? Do they assume that Pettitte stays here no matter what is offered elsewhere out of loyalty? Do they think it’s a foregone conclusion that he is leaving? Are they lying about their non-negotiation stance and actually talking to him? I don’t get it – why NOT use this exclusive period to feel things out? The Yankees have made a point of stating they won’t even talk to him until this period is over. Why?

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