What Now, Rocket?

He was playing the long game, just waiting to see what Carlos would do. And now we have an answer (the Mets!) and Roger has a dilemma: stay with the depleted Astros near his home and with buddy Andy Pettitte; retire; or sign in some other town (a curtain call in Beantown? a final bow in pinstripes?). WWRD?

Meanwhile, we wonder what will become of Mike Cameron, who belongs in someone’s centerfield, and not a corner slot in Shea. There’s an opening in Houston, and, um, the Yanks might just be interested. Or not.

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  • Normally I’d think that someone like Clemens should hang them up, just go out on top with that amazing Cy Young award. But the guy can still chuck, and I am all for a swan song in Boston, bring him back now that the Bambino demons have been exorcised, throw a wad of cash in a one year deal for the guy (which is totally low-risk) and let him go out in Boston like he should have before the falling out.
    Plus it’ll annoy the crap out of the Yankees and their fans. I just don’t see it happenening, however.

    SF January 10, 2005, 2:51 pm
  • I believe since he accepted arbitration with Houston, it’s the Astros or bust.

    JeremyM January 10, 2005, 8:08 pm

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