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Whatever: Sox-Orioles Gamer III

This confounding season continues, with a fresh losing streak following a nice run. Tonight Jon Lester tries to rescue a game for the Sox, weather permitting.

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47 replies on “Whatever: Sox-Orioles Gamer III”

Walked in a run…4 straight walks. 1-0 good guys. 1 out, bases still loaded.
It appears to be raining, although after what we have been through down here it’s not REALLY raining…

Cano DRILLS what appeared to be a GS…caught at the wall. SAC. 2-0.
Jackson with a no-hitter though still…
ARod time. 1st and 3rd. 2 outs.

Edwin has a no-hitter through 4 innings…77 pitches…down 2-0…
This is a weird game. Our offense is really slumping this series. I am not pleased.

2nd and 3rd…0 outs…
WAIT…IBB to Chavez…bases loaded, no outs…
This is a great game.

Mike Pouncey, OG, Florida…you have got to be fucking kidding me. No wonder we are a fucking laughing stock. Fuck you Dolphins. Fuck you and die.

House hit by lightning. Computer, tv, microwave, toaster all fried. Parts of roof literally in own AND neighbor’s lawn. Utter stupid luck that no one was home…pccured in 20-minute window when wife, kids, nanny, and I were all in different spots out of the house. Un-bleeping-real. Very thankful that all are OK and could care less about the elctric junkyard in the house.
Oh yeah, go yanks.

That’s great that everyone’s fine. Wow. Unbelievable, the timing. I hope the process of getting everything back in order is smooth, and then you’re left with a safe home and a story to tell.

Oh jeez, IH. I’m glad everyone is okay. A real shame about the TV and computer (hope you didn’t lose any important files), but obviously those are nothing in comparison to your family’s safety.

Thanks for the kind words fellas. This place is a mini-family. With a serious dividing line down the middle of it :)
I was in airports all day yesterday after the drama at home and only caught glimpses of what’s been going on in Alabama and surrounding states — we certainly got off easy by comparison. Hope it’s over – for everyone, you included krueg.

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