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What’s With All The Day Games? Jays-Yanks Gamer Top 9

Wow!  Looked up from my pile of work to see there was a game on.  Uh-oh.  I've got too much work to do, better not try and cheat out of work early on a holiday weekend.

Finally got around to putting up a mini gamer.  Here's how it went prior:

1) Wow! Get to check out game updates now and then!
2) Uh-oh, AJ pitching!
3) Wow! AJ has a shutout going through 5!
4) Uh-oh, AJ is in trouble.
5) Wow! They got out of it!
6) Uh-oh, Joba let them tie it up.
7) Wow! Mo's in!
8) Uh-oh, I forgot I've got too much work to do.

We'll see what #9 brings.

Comment away.

6 replies on “What’s With All The Day Games? Jays-Yanks Gamer Top 9”

OK, first off…my 24 year old neighbor is ridiculously hot and makes me think bad thoughts but I digress…
This may be the most rational post I have ever written on this website so hold on to your hats gentlemen:
The “_______ Rules” have to go. They are ruining our two best, most promising young pitchers and the reason is simple…confidence. They are messing with Phil and Joba’s confidence.
These kids both came in throwing fire. Joba in the pen, and Phil starting. (Phil got hurt but let’s just talk about him the last two years for my thesis) Then they messed with a highly confident young reliever but trying to make him a starter and then once he was and had the confidence to pitch well in that role…EEEEEEEERRRRRRR (brake sound effect)…they threw the “Rules” on him. Has he pitched as well since? No.
Then Phil comes out of the bullpen, full of confidence, and rides it right into the rotation and 9 wins! Wow! So what do the we do then? EEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR…”Rules”. Not the same pitcher.
Why on earth would you throw the brakes, or “Rules”, on a young pitcher that has both the ability AND the CONFIDENCE to be successful in the Majors??? I mean, how many players have the ability but just can’t be successful, (Farnsworth) because they lack the confidence to succeed???
In closing, the Yankees with their “Rules” are basically ruining there two best young arms. It seems irrefutable at this point.
They need to trash the “Rules”….like, now.
Thank you for your time and science bless you. Happy 4th.

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