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Who Has The Worse Lineup Today?

Apparently it's make the worst lineup possible day for our two beloved clubs. Yankees are without Granderson and A-Rod. Red Sox are without Ellsbury, Cameron, Beltre, and Martinez. Lineups follow:

Jeter SS
Johnson 1B
Teixeira DH
Swisher RF
Cano 2B
Posada C
Thames LF
Gardner CF
Pena 3B

Red Sox:
Scutaro SS
Pedroia 2B
Drew RF
Youkilis 1B
Ortiz DH
Lowell 3B
Varitek C
McDonald LF
Van Every CF

Comment away on the two day games.

13 replies on “Who Has The Worse Lineup Today?”

More fun with Nick Johnson’s stats: his BA and SLG combined is lower than his OBP. I’m sure he’ll start hitting at some point, but until then it’s just funny to see him getting walked more Albert Pujols.

What’s really sad is is the Sox had four full-time players in their lineup yesterday. How a “brilliant” team ends up with three DH’s I have no idea. Losing Cameron and Ellsbury has hurt, but they’re not worth more than a win or two. The real problem was thinking Martinez is a full-time catcher – something he hasn’t done for a reason in recent season. But someone in the organization obviously decided a catcher’s defense isn’t important. I’d love to know who. And did Bill James really agree?

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