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What Player Should the Pats Draft?: Rays-Sox Gamer III

Surely football talk has to be more interesting than our baseball team.

Chat away.

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It seems like the Yankees and Red Sox have switched roles this season. Everything clicking for the Yankees early on, nothing clicking for the Red Sox.
Just remember there’s pretty much all of the season left. The Yankees have started off 4-7 (or worse) and came back to win 95 games with relative ease plenty of times.

Papelbon’s wife gave birth this weekend, to a boy named “Gunner.” I’m usually not the one to judge what someone names their offspring, but… seriously? Gunner?

so is today’s post going to be titles: avoiding the patriot’s day broom?
it’s not that they’re losing – it’s the way their losing. Cameron, Scutaro and Beltre (to an extent, I’ll give him a pass because he has made some excellent defensive plays) have let seemingly routine and catchable balls not turn into outs.

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