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Who Let HIM in the Booth?

Time Warner Cable offers the complete MLB package to their subscribers, and this poster, suckered in by the promise of Curt Schilling, Manny, et. al. took the dive. Hence, I get to watch NESN nearly every night and enjoy Jerry Remy’s expert commentary – they beam in local coverage for all the games. Tonight, I got home and noticed that the Sox were blacked out, only to be found as ESPN2’s Wednesday Night Baseball national telecast. The announcers, who I have yet to identify, are TERRIBLE. They talk as if everyone tuning in is watching their first baseball game, overdescribing everything, errantly ascribing talents to players who don’t have them (Kevin Millar is a good outfielder?), basically announcing like they are teaching a fourth grade social studies class (“and over here we have JAPAN”-type stuff). It’s really dreadful. Plus they are currently interviewing Ben Affleck, who is sitting on the first base line looking like an ass and spouting all the idiotic cliche mumbo-jumbo (26 guys 26 cabs blah blah blah) about the Sox and their history. Go away, Ben, get out of someone else’s better-deserved seat, and take your soon to be C-list career with you.

I guess that’s the difference between local cable, where most of the people tuning in are intimately familiar with the game, and the national broadcast, where less people know what’s going on. It sucks, and it’s making my eardrums bleed.

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Yeah, I was gonna retort with Affleck back when you mentioned Fleischer as a celeb Yanks fan, SF. I guess after he gets his ass handed to him at a Bellagio no-limit hold ’em table, old Ben takes solace by trying to be the #1 Sox fan in the world. Anything to avoid, say…acting classes? Why not jettison both him and Ari off the planet and call it even.

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