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Whoops. Sox-Jays, Tribe-Yanks Saturday Afternoon Gamers

Didn't know they were starting so early.  Comment away on all your midday baseball adventures here.

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I have never seen a reliever get himself in as much trouble as Robertson, then get out of it…Houdini indeed.
3-0 going to the bottom of the 8th.
Colon is probably out for the season knowing our luck.

now krueg…you know we’re not allowed to whine about injuries, or use the “bridge year” reference…speaking of injuries, i thought ped was hurt…glad he’s not but what’s the story?…
all this talk about arod’s cousin, i’m starting to wonder if papi’s back to sneaking those magic milkshakes…after all, his buddy didn’t learn his lesson, so hmm…just kidding sf’s…don’t jump on me ;)
so we have 3 homeruns and only 4 runs to show for it…oy

man dc, you sound like me dude…mixed with james on the SF baiting??? ;)
We are bigger than a certain fanbase when it comes to crying about injuries. It’s part of the game. No excuses.
And let’s not get into the PED thing again…they were all doing it, except Jeter and Mo, so who cares? I think they should all be on it…makes for better athletes!!!
Oh, and no Mo by the way. Boone Logan. Vomit.

Don’t think krueg was whining at all. Injuries obviously hurt a team’s chances and I for one take no pleasure in other team’s players being injured. Don’t know what happened but let’s hope the Colon injury is not serious.
As regards Pedroia, when Pete Abraham broke the news of Pedey getting his knee examined he mentioned the possibity of surgery. Turns out it’s just a bruise, so Pedey’s playing.
And Papi? I blame it on Adrian Gonzalez being an excellent teacher of hitting :)

OH…and Talbot nailed ARod in the hip and got tossed immediately. Not sure it was on purpose but our guys getting hit is getting old at this point.

joking guys…of course krueg wasn’t whining…was just messing with him…he knows i love him…we’re on the same team for crying out loud…thanks for the update on ped…that’s great news compared to what i heard the other day…or agon is giving him the protection in the lineup that he’s longed for ever since his buddy left…wait, isn’t the guy providing the protection supposed to bat behind you?…today that was who, lowrie?…ok, never mind, you’re right PBE, it’s the hitting lessons…

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