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Who’s That Driver?


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Thanks Hudson. I viewed it and responded on my blackberry (small screen!). You’ll have to forgive me for thinking that I read into it that A-Rod, after another mediocre-to-abysmal post-season performance continues to drive off with a mint.
As for CC, absolutely. I commented in the other thread that he is in about as strong a negotiating position as he could be. I wouldn’t want to be an all-you-can-eat buffet in his neighborhood in the coming 3-5 years…

Hopefully CC has an hypnotist/snake oil salesman/agent as good as the one Lackey and Crawford have. If so he’s bound to get paid well more than he’s actually worth and only need to be league average or below. :)

Yeah, at least with CC you’re likely to get a reasonable performance for a few years. At this point I wouldn’t mind Lackey spontaneously combusting, though I still have hope for Crawford.

I’m assuming Crawford has very good years left in him. There is no way in my mind that his last year is to be replicated again and again, as much as I’d like it to be. I mean he seemed poor at everything – even was the exception to the rule that speed doesn’t slump.

Can’t believe the Phillies lost. I couldn’t watch that Game 5 but is sounds like it was a classic. I’m sorry but this just seems to me the epitome of what some of us pointed out weeks ago: anything can happen in a short series. Does anyone really think the Cardinals (or whoever ultimately wins the World Series) will be a better team in 2011 than the 102-game winning Phillies? Having neither Philly nor Boston nor Atlanta in the Championship Series is pretty surprising to say the least. I’m not sure who to root for. As much as I didn’t like the Yanks losing to them, and I despise Valverde, and I don’t think very highly of Miguel Cabrera (apart from his prodigous talent), I find Detroit and Leyland pretty easy to root for. And Milwaukee would go insane if they won. I think I root for either of those teams.

What an amazing performance by Carpenter, shame on the Philadelphia for letting it get to a game 5. Of the remaining 4 teams the Cardinals have as good a chance as any of them to win it all and would be the first team I will root for, followed by the Brewers then Tigers and finally Rangers. Milwaukee could really use one, it’s just hard to root for a team with a player named Prince.

Absolutely insane turn of events when these are the top two stories for our clubs on NESPN:
Just last winter, with the rappelling elf speaking his mind and the Sox “winning the off-season”, what are the chances we’re talking about Cashman having a smooth extension while Theo bolts for the Cubs? You just can’t predict baseball.

One thing that’s never mentioned here: Tito couldn’t even pick his own pitching coach?
Ego running thick and through the Sox and right to the top. Steinbrenner had to learn to care less about his vanity than winning.

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