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What can we say, this is amazing. We have great respect for the lack of self-consciousness and the love for the game.This is everything that stupid NESN video was not. Awesome.

(via Deadspin)

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As if someone is reading here, Terry has adjusted the lineup as asked. :) Ellsbury dropped to nine, and crawford and pedey at the top.
Sorry to hijack.

Not sure where to put this (again), but Dennys Reyes has been released (not fact yet), has no locker at Fenway today (fact) and Felix Dubront has been called up and does have a locker (Fact).

Brad, is there any chance he does anything other then be a LOOGY?
I think if they bring in Doubront it’s going to be for full innings/multiple batters. He’s a starter/long reliever type. They would be stunting his growth to limit him to a batter at a time, I would think. But what do I know? ;-)

Yes, I did. And it was pure gold. Fallon’s done a couple of pretty cool things on his show. Associating with Stephen Colbert is a quick way to make me love a person.

The original just sounds like every Pop song I’ve ever heard…This kid is either a really good actor or he’s the worlds dorkiest Yankee fan…(Forgive me if there is something wrong with the kid, that’s what makes it uncomfortable! It’s the unknown that makes it should I laugh or not…)

Paul, the LOOGY was placed in my head by Fangraphs. No disrespect to the kid. I did notice that his K/9 is pretty decent as well. Looks like he’s been both a RP and SP in the minors just based on his IP. Screw it, I have a no Red Sox rule anyway I don’t know why I asked!

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