Will This Be On The Test?

Up until this past loss, the Red Sox had not lost a postseason game the day before an off-day. They always had a game the next day…and they won it each time. It proved tremendously freeing psychologically for this fan, being able to prolong the enjoyment of victory through the off-day (there is, at most, one more off-day this season after this one, weather notwithstanding). Today, I don’t have the luxury of hoping to bounce right back from a loss, and have to wallow in it a little while we wait for tomorrow. The nice thing is that I’m sure the 2013 Red Sox are not dispirited at all. They have proven too resilient too long for me to believe that. I am still of the belief that they are the better team, but not completely confident that they will win the series.

Here are some other things the Red Sox have not had to deal with this postseason that they may well have to before it’s all said and done (I’d like to say again I don’t believe in jinxes):

1) They have not lost 2 games in a row.

2) They have not been defeated by more than 4 runs (and the three other losses were by 1, 1, and 2 respectively…they’ve been realistically in all but one game).

3) Only one starter has lasted longer than 7 innings against them (Verlander went 8), and only two others have made it to 7 (Price, who sucked, and Scherzer, who didn’t).

4) They have never trailed a series after game 2.

5) They have not played an elimination game.

I am not confident in them winning both games 3 and 4, but I am confident in them winning game 3 OR 4. Before the series, I predicted Sox in 5 (I just don’t think the Cards are as good as Detroit). While that’s still possible, 6 seems a lot more reasonable now. We’ll see if they can win the 3-game set in St. Louis. Defeat and gloom may still be the ultimate fate of this series, but the 2013 Sox should certainly make it an interesting series, and we’ll see if they have to face rougher seas than they have thus far in this bout with the NL Champs.

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