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Win Time: Yanks-Halos Gamer

The Yanks are up 3-0. This is the Angels we're talking about, so we already have the moral victory. Let's see if we get the real one, too.

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Another blown call at second base goes against the Yanks (Figgins called safe, he was out on replay)…that makes 4 this week.

Joba’s command looks a little better, but the velo still not there. Hopefully the break will do him some good.
BTW, Ransom sucks. Just absolutely horrible. Watching him “field” the SS position is a joke. There’s just not one thing he does well on the field.

And an A-Rod error followed by a Morales HR and suddenly it’s a tie game. Eff you, umps.

I guess that happens once in awhile. The Yanks deserved to lose today, but it happens. Okay, you guys can still win the series, so go Yanks!

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