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Winter Fun

Oh, those wild and crazy winter meetings…

The biggest rumor from yesterday's first day of the meetings was from FOX Sports, which reported that the Yanks, Diamondbacks and Tigers were discussing a large deal that would have sent Curtis Granderson to New York, Edwin Jackson to Arizona and a slew of prospects to Detroit. The Yanks would give up Ian Kennedy, Austin Jackson and Phil Coke.

Conflicting reports this morning on whether talks are still alive, but am I wrong in thinking that I, as a Red Sox fan, should be rooting for this trade to take place?

Things are quieter on the Red Sox front. The Sox made a couple minor signings, and Casey Kelly has decided to be a pitcher. More rumblings that the Sox would be happy platooning Jeremy Hermida and Josh Willingham, should he be available, in left, which is almost certainly a negotiating ploy.

Then there's this insight from Terry Francona about the Sox' unclear left-field situation:

I'm sure when we head down to Fort Myers we'll have a left fielder. We always do. They're really good about that. We're amazingly consistent in that every year we always have a left fielder, and I'm guessing we're going to have one this year, too.

Jacoby Ellsbury breathes a sigh of relief.

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“Conflicting reports this morning on whether talks are still alive, but am I wrong in thinking that I, as a Red Sox fan, should be rooting for this trade to take place?”
hmm, I think so. Granderson might not be the elite player he was in 2007, but he’s still valuable out in center, and currently on a contract that is below market. It’s not as if this would be the end of dealing for the Yanks either. But on its own, the deal clearly upgrades the Yanks in one area, and at a cost in money that is relatively minimal and will enable them to pursue more upgrades. Frankly, the prospect package doesn’t strike me as so pricey but I guess that depends on how valuable you think Jackson is. Maybe you’re rooting for the trade because it would weaken any potential deal for Halladay or any other pitcher the Sox might be in competition for?

Id have to wait to pass judgement on such a deal but I cant imagine why a sox fan would be happy to the see the yankees pick up granderson who is an excellent CF with pop and speed. Granted they’d be giving up a top prospect but it is for a proven commodity who is still young and relatively cheap. Futhermore, Granderson plays the same position as A-Jax thereby lessening the impact of his loss.

seems like the granderson trade talks are heating up. I can’t be objective about this, nor can attackgerbil, I think. He’s one of our favorite players. I’d be psyched if the Yanks got him.

This is the latest from mlbtraderumors. I find it hilarious:
“11:24am: More from Olney – the D’Backs are aiming to get Edwin Jackson and Kennedy in the deal. Olney speaks of “growing confidence on at least two of the sides” involved, and his sources have the odds of a deal in the 20-30% range.”
so in another words, 20-30 percent is more than 0%, so there is confidence that something is happening.

It’s always hilarious seeing the reporters try to guess the odds, in percentages, that a trade will occur.
I think highly of Granderson; he had a down year in 2009, but I think he’s better than that. At least the Yanks are giving up some pretty big prospects though.

Agreed Ath, what the hell does ‘percentage’ mean? At the end of the day, they’ll roll the appropriate number of dice and see if it gets done or not?
Granderson is just two years removed from being the best CFer in the game. He’s regressed offensively and defensively and is owed a not insignificant amount of money, but he’s a speedy, lefty power hitter and could hit 30+ HR playing half his games in Yankee Stadium.
If it’s just Jackson and Kennedy and whatever relievers, I’ll drive them to Michigan myself.

I’m not too excited by Granderson. Sure, on the surface he looks great but when you dig into the numbers:
a) He’s horrid against southpaws – career .614 OPS
b) his career OBP is .344
c) his defense has been sliding to average
He does get hurt by his home park, and playing at the new Yankee Stadium could see him hit 30 HRs a year. I just don’t think he’d be a great #2 hitter.
Besides, does that mean they simply slide Melky/Gardner to LF? The OF defense would be pretty good, but if they’ve essentially replaced Damon with Granderson, I’m not sure I see the clear upgrade.

“the Yanks are giving up some pretty big prospects though”
I don’t see that. Jackson has a career .409 SLG in 2200 minor league at-bats. And Kennedy keeps getting hurt.
If that’s all the Yankees have to give up, it might just be a no-brainer, despite my reservations about Grandy.

As long as it doesn’t affect us getting Crawford next year, I’m good with it. We’ve been hearing about Austin Jackson for what seems like forever now yet he hasn’t cracked the big club. IPK can go, no sweat there.
This would have to mean Damon is toast.

Why would it mean Damon is toast? He’s a LF/DH guy. Granderson plays CF. The Yankees aren’t going into 2010 with Melky or Gardner occupying a corner outfield spot.

Also, Bill Madden, yes, that Bill Madden, has won the Spink award for journalistic excellence.
Kinda takes the shine off of that “Hall of Fame journalist Peter Gammons” line, doesn’t it?

“Why would it mean Damon is toast? He’s a LF/DH guy. Granderson plays CF. The Yankees aren’t going into 2010 with Melky or Gardner occupying a corner outfield spot.”
If they are trying to trim payroll they may have to?

Reporting that deal is done pending physicals etc:
From Heyman: latest 3-way looks like this: yanks get granderson; dbacks e-jax, i.kennedy; tigers scherzer, schlereth, a-jax, coke.

I like it…speed, defense and a decent bat? What’s not to like??? And for IPK, who sucks, Coke and AJ the Phantom Prospect? I’m stoked.
Now, get Pettitte back and another starter.

Paul rooting for the yanks to get Granderson, Im gonna have to bookmark this post for use during the season…kinda like the multiple posts last winter in which we heard how CC couldnt pitch in the post-season.

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