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Johnny Damon:

“There is no way around it, older players are being looked at differently,” he said. “But what a lot of people forget is that guys like me and Jeter, we came out at the same time and we are special players. If things need to get done on a baseball field, we get it done.”

All of a sudden, I think the Yankees offer somehow looks overly generous.

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All of the sudden it looks generous? It is way too generous. We don’t pay players for past performance. Cano makes 9 million, can anyone say that the in the next three years Jeter will be worth more to the team than Cano?

hehe…those comments from johnny are not a surprise…as he points out, he’s in the same boat as jeter, older and with his best years behind him…i know someone will remind me that baseball economics have no correlation to the real-life economics that we non-ballplayers have to deal with, but i can’t imagine the company i used to work for saying: “well, your performance is much less valuable than it used to be, but you’re a good, charming guy who did do a good job for us in the past, so we’re gonna go ahead and give you a big raise and bonus”…hahaha

now to be fair, it is true that i never had my pay cut, and to the best of my knowledge i was still considered a good contributor, but i also wasn’t making $15-20m…

In fact, isn’t that all free agency is: Paying for past performance? You’re almost guaranteed not to get the full value of the contract for someone who’s 31 or 32 at the time they sign.
I also am not a fan of the “X player, who is better than Y player, makes $X million, ergo Y player who makes $X+Y million is overpaid.” That’s just the system: Cano hasn’t hit free agency yet, and Jeter has. Otherwise, everyone on the Yankees is overpaid because the team’s second-most valuable hitter, Brett Gardner, earned league minimum last year.
That said, obviously the Yankees’ offer is overly generous, and Jeter’s demands are insane. Clearly, the Yankees should do the right thing for the Captain and give in to whatever he asks for.

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