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Won’t You Be My #2: Sox-Rays Gamer

Josh Beckett tries not to pitch like his rotation slot in Tampa.

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Ugh. TB radio on XM. One of the worst announcers in MLB. They said Strike 3 was a great pitch “maybe a ball, half a ball” off the plate. So, in other words, not a strike.

Sutcliffe: “Crawford is a 5-tool player, he can really hit the ball out of the park if he wants to.”
::Crawford hits homer 2 seconds later::
Fuck you, Sutcliffe.

Beckett: 13 homers allowed in his last 3+ starts. Only 10 allowed in the other 16 starts this year.

Man, conservative Red Sox fans must be drooling at the prospect.
Liberal Yankees fans are shuddering.

Well semi-finals of my fantasy league…best overall record, most points, etc, etc…and my fate rests in the hands of Josh Beckett who has been utterly AWFUL tonight. Thanks Josh, much appreciated.

Sutcliffe cracks me up, learning in his many years if you need professional medical help, you should see a doctor.
“If you’re thirsty, drink sumthin,” — Rick’s Wisdom

“If you’re thirsty, drink sumthin,” — Rick’s Wisdom
That’s some deep stuff right there

Ath, IBM, get your offense going, say something…talk some sense into them…Come on fellas where’s the fight?

John, that is a “YF” at the end of your name, right? You sound like you’re rooting for the Sox!

What are informed sox analysts saying about Beckett? Is he pitching through pain or is it just a typical slump? Is his control off or velocity down or what?

His start is very important, considering I lost a start in Burnett who has been pushed to Monday. I have King Felix, Beckett, CC all going tonight. King Felix was cruising and headed towards a complete game, but at 114PC they pulled him for the 9th.

Sutcliffe just said he thinks he’s tired, injured, shoulder not right, something along those lines. He’s still nasty I don’t know IH. (Ooopps, you said Sox fans)

Earlier in the game they mentioned he might have a bit of fatigue in the shoulder, and that he’s overcompensating by leaning forward too much when he throws, which is making his breaking stuff stay up in the zone. That doesn’t sound right though, since it was his fastball that was getting hit well.

Garza is pissed at himself, but it’s not as if he pitched well that inning… he’s lucky he only gave up the two hits.

Motherfucker, deep fly ball to right field but caught. It’s annoying that all three hard-hit balls to right field were outs.
At least we’re within one now.

In the most predictable event of the night, Brian Bruney just ruined my night (at least for the time being), so I’m taking refuge in here. Seems the Sox are clawing right back into this.

Horse, I think Beckett was just leaving them over the plate, and a couple of breaking balls didn’t break the right way. But he settled down.
And here’s Russ Springer. I like our chances now.

Hey IH, the Orioles just loaded the bases with no outs. So it probably won’t be a save situation by the top the bottom of the 9th rolls around.
By the way, when did we even acquire Gathright?
Bay K’s, but Gathright steals.

Penny joins Joel Pineiro and Jeff Suppan as players who benefit mightily from no longer pitching in the American League, let alone the AL East.

He faced the Phils though IBM. They can hit. He outdueled Happ who has been lights out.
Gathright from Orioles late last week I think.

Drew walks. Asshole.
GOOD CALL TITO! Varitek was in the on-deck circle, but now Casey Kotchman is pinch-hitting. Surprising, since Lowell was up and warming up, and is 4 for 8 against Balfour.

Tito with a lot of managing this inning… sends the runners in the 3-2 count. Too bad it’s a foul ball.

I don’t like Alex Gonzalez hitting here. Is Mike Lowell still available with all these pinchings? I’ve lost track. I would have used him and subbed Green for A-Gonz in the field.

Man, the Rays are just in epic meltdown mode. Now they’ll have to answer a lot of questions next season, and Friedman certainly has lost some luster.

Woah nevermind, Nick Green was pinch-running.
HOLY CRAP YES! Howell throws a ball about 58 feet, bounces into the dirt and up into the crowd. Runner from 3rd scores.
Then AGonz K’s. Why don’t the other runners advance?

Ok ND for Beckett, you can lose now if you’d like! Just kidding…kind of. Thanks for tolerating me.

This meltdown is about 11.5 months too late, if you know what I mean.
Howell is throwing the ball all over the place.

Actually, I don’t know that Friedman loses a lot of luster. I think his Kazmir trade was a stroke of genius, he got some young, premium players back for a pitcher who was getting expensive and who has been the fourth-best pitcher on that staff for about two years. The biggest difference on the Rays this year has been defense and bullpen, the two most unpredictable aspects of a baseball team.
I take it all back. Friedman’s still a genius and easily the best GM in the sport.

Holy crap at that video, Clark!
Ramsquared out for the 8th, and promptly gives up a lead-off double to Pena… who still has more homers than singles.

Son of a bitch. Tito, you did a lot of good managing in the top half of the inning, then leave Ramirez out there?

Yeah, but he was the director of player development when those draft picks were being made.
He’s been really, really good. Except for that Edwin Jackson trade. Ahem.

Who would have expected Edwin Jackson to have a sub-3.0 ERA going into September? Anyone? Surely the GM gets a pass for that one.

Well, it’s not what we expect, we’re just the fans. Would you expect Delmon Young to be this bad and Matt Garza to be this good? Friedman gets all the credit for that trade. He should get the brunt of the blame for the Jackson trade. Then again, Jackson has been the recipient of an obscene amount of luck this season. But he sure would have helped the Rays this year.

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