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World Champion San Francisco Giants

The Rangers didn't stand a chance.

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well, congrats to giants fans everywhere, although i doubt many of them visit yfsf…small consolation that i picked the giants to win this series since my real team of choice made their exit what seems like a long time ago now…oh well, since the anti-yankee fans i know were convinced the rangers would teach the giants a thing or 2, they were hoping for a 2nd chance to rub my nose in a losing effort regardless of the teams involved…and yes devine, hopefully yfsf can have an interesting off season and build some momentum toward a livelier ’11…to the faithful few that did keep it going, thanks…

I’m happy for the Giants. With Bonds long gone, I like them and certainly prefer them to the team I expected to win on October 1 – the Phillies.
As for the teams we all care about here, I think the Yankees are in dicier shape than Boston, despite how they each finished this year. Notwithstanding the fact that both teams have age issues at some key positions, the Yanks’ glaring problem is clearly in the starting rotation, where the Sox look strong going into 2011. The Yanks’ 300lb ace is recovering from knee surgery, their supposed #2 starter had an historically awful year, and only one other starter is assured of coming back – Phranchise. I don’t really care what annual salary the Yankees offer Lee – it’s the number of years that matter. I’m more worried about them taking the 32-year old for too many years. He has had some nagging injuries already which will only increase in the years to come. And there is always the possibility that Lee stays put. It would not be shocking to me if Lee prefered playing for Nolan Ryan for a tone of money than for Hal Steinbrenner for a tone of money plus a premium.
The moves I’ll be looking for this off-season and in the 2011 pre-season will be:
1. Do they get Lee and, if not, what do they do to augment the 2/5s of a rotation they now have.
2. Will Jesus Montero play well enough in the Spring to earn a roster spot in 2011 – and if not, what do the Yankees do to protect themselves against Porada’s increasing awfulness behind the plate.
3. Do the Yankees move Gardner while his stock is high and/or go after Crawford. I expect they will keep Granderson.
4. Who will replace Dave Eiland. Unlike some other coaching positions, pitching coach actually matters.
5. Oh yeah – how many years do Mo and Derek get and when will Jeter transition out of the SS role (and for who). I list this one last even though it’s the most discussed because I don’t think it has any bearing on 2011 – everyone knows that Jeter will be at short and Mo closing the games next season. What we don’t know is what happens in 2012 and beyond.
Happy off-season gang.

here’s my 2 cents:
1. i don’t want lee…call me crazy, but he strikes me as another iffy proposition, given the money and years that will be required, despite his resume…as cool as he is, i wouldn’t be surprised to see him wilt in ny…he seems motivated when his teams are the underdog, esp. against the yankees…i’d rather take my chances on lesser known guys with lower risk…too bad we missed out on ted lilly
2. i think they have to go with montero or romine…i’m getting tired of hearing that guys aren’t ready yet…that’s what they said about austin jackson…trade montero for pitching if we aren’t going to use him…posada seems to be the odd man out here, even though he has 1 more year left…he needs to suck it up and be happy getting most of his action as the dh [with arod, see #5]…cervelli is probably out too given his defensive flaws, age, and lack of a steady bat
3. keep gardner…we don’t need crawford or the $/yrs that he’ll want…save the money for something else…like a therapist for burnout
4. how about the guy from atlanta, leo mazzone?…i read somewhere that he actually brought up the idea of coaching in new york…that he’d be interested…i hope they find a guy that can diagnose what the hell is wrong with burnout…maybe sigmund frued…
5. mo gets 2 more…derek, no more than 3…i think the transition should start this year, with derek starting to take some reps at his new position, 3rd base…arod is eventually going to wind up being the dh anyway, so might as well start now…nunez can serve as the utility guy with the idea that he eventually takes over at short…we need to find out if he can cut it as soon a possible…
i have to agree that on paper the red sox appear to be in better shape than the yankees, but that’s not saying much…i mean that was the spin going into the season about the starting pitching, even after theo’s bridge comment…you just never know…i don’t think we’ve had a conversation here about it, but i wonder how distracted boston ownership will be both from a financial and focus perspective, with this new soccer team now in their mix of businesses…should be interesting to see how they prioritize…

How about instead of signing Lee we sign Crawford, who is much cheaper, and then trade for Greinke using one of the current outfielders in the deal?

then trade for Greinke using one of the current outfielders in the deal…
I would like to second this notion. I hope beyond hope that Greinke lands in NY. Honestly I do. I cannot wait for that kid to be in a high pressure, NY v. Boston game in mid September, in Fenway, with 40K people chanting at him. Or better, in NY with 50K people booing him.
You think Burnett and Beckett have head issues?
Besides, I’m pretty sure his no trade includes any town that has more than 20K people show up to watch the games.

My offseason wish list:
Decline options on Hall, Ortiz, and do not get into the Beltre talks.
Avoid Cliff Lee and Carl Crawford like the plauge.
Make Bard the closer.
Move Ellsbury back to CF.
Put Lowrie at third base.
Sign Scott Downs and a few other bullpen issues.
Take a flyer on Webb with an incentive deal.
Sign Jason Werth to play right, move Drew to the DH/rotating OF posistion and leave one of our kids in left.
Play ball in April.

Well, one half of the Beltre wish is done..he declined his option, so he’s free to spring to the Angels now, which should help NY sign Crawford, as I’m sure Boras and Beltre are going to rake them over the darn coals after last year, and every dollar they spend on him is another dollar that can’t be used for Crawford or Lee, so this is a win/win for Boston and NY.

Also in news, the Sox have hired Curt Young to replace Farrell.
I like this move as Ferrell has really fallen on deaf ears with Beckett, who will be intergral next year. Hopefully, he’ll be able to get to Beckett and Lackey where Ferrell could not.
We shall see.

I don’t like it, Krueg.
I think the days of having a full-time DH are over. Take this year for example, had Boston had a servicable first baseman/OF/ catcher at the DH slot, rotating on a day to day basis, they wouldn’t have been in such bad trouble when key guys went down.
I like the idea of signing a guy like Konerko or Dunn, and letting them play the field a few days a week and give other guys rest.
Plus, I’m flippin tired of watching him strike out against lefties at this point.
Next year, there is a very good chance that five of the top ten lefties in the league will be in the AL East…why waste time on a high power, low contact lefty that gets neutralized in the playoffs and big games?
Maybe they know they’ll be able to move him easy with an expiring deal if they pick up half or something, but signed the extension to ensure they don’t get left with nothing.
I don’t think this makes sense.

I too like the idea of rotating players through the DH spot as opposed to having a designated DH. Especially when you have the geriatric team that the Yankees do…rotate Jeter, ARod and Hip Hip. (just RETIRE ALREADY JORGE)
You watch all the Sox games so I’ll take your word on the Papi move. I thought from highlights and stuff that he really turned it around in the 2nd half of the season?

I also think that if there was ever a time to make a move on a player that has been on the radar in hot stove rumors for two years now, it’s NOW.
After Hoyer’s comments, now is that time to blow them out of the water.
With NY weighed down with Tex and ARod on the corners, Boston has to make the proverbial move for someone that NY can’t get in the bidding process for while they can.

I pretty much agree with your plan, Brad (particularly getting Werth). I hope the new pitching coach from Oakland can talk some sense into Beckett and Lackey.

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