Wow. Let me just say

Wow. Let me just say how pleasing it is to find the Yankee brass taking YF’s suggestions seriously. As YF wrote on this site only yesterday, “Vasquez should be the Yankees no. 1 priority,” Now, a quick postmortem of the deal. First, let’s just offer a sad goodbye and a sincere thanks to Nick Johnson, a longtime favorite of YF. A fine young player with a bright future. So let’s give credit to Minaya: he got, arguably, the Yankees best young player, along with Rivera, who’s a solid outfielder and cheap. If Choate ever finds his command, he will be valuable. You are completely right to point out Minaya’s compromised position, though your conspiracy theory seems even more far-fetched than mine (SF Edit – that was a joke). But again the point here, on which we agree, is that the status of the Expos is an absolute joke, and casts a pall over the entire market. Meanwhile, Vazquez was definitely the top prize out there on the market: a terrific young pitcher and a workhorse to boot. His acquisition is apparently the doing of Cashman, not Steinbrenner, and I can only say, BRAVO. This is just the kind of move the Yankees have not made in the past. Given the choice between Schilling (George’s favorite) and Vazquez, they have definitely gone in the right direction (which is no knock on Schill or Theo). And Vazquez is affordable for this year, though one suspects Cashman will, before too long, renegotiate and extend his contract. What now? Are the Yankees done on the pitching front? Sheffield is apparently in the bag. And clearly, a new backup for Giambi is required.

Posted by YF on 12/4/2003 04:00:50 PM

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