Wrongly Accused? Clemens Goes to Little League Redux

The Rocket denies spitting seeds at an ump in his kid’s Little League game on Sunday in Colorado: “I guess I’m a champion seed-spitter. I was probably a good 20 yards from the field. I’ve been able to see…comments like I was nose-to-nose and toe-to-toe and arguing. I was sitting on a bucket talking to fans and signing in between….They did not ask me to leave. I did not know that I was even supposedly thrown out. I go to my car every day to plan my escape route after I sign (autographs).”

Didn’t anyone bring a cam corder? Isn’t there some kind of Little League rule that every parent must record their kid popping out to third on video? Is the real lesson here that all those parents begging for Roger’s autograph should have been taping Junior muff that last grounder for posterity? What of our history? What have we come to?

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  • Did anyone get a sunflower seed carcass? Can we check for DNA evidence that Clemens did, in fact, spit the seed in question? When will Johnny Cochran get involved? Does the glove fit? The intrigue…

    SF August 4, 2004, 2:02 pm

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