Yankees Injury Update – Backs Not In The Saddle

Pineda, Michael – Right anterior labral tear (wait, did you say ANTERIOR? AS IN REAR OR IN THE BACK?)
Cervelli, Francisco – broken hand (bad backstop, but when he went out he was hitting better than Russell Martin)
Nunez, Eduardo – ribs (bad back)
Pettitte, Andy – Tight left trapezius muscle in upper back (bad back)
Hafner, Travis – shoulder (bad back)
Jeter, Derek – cankles
Chamberlain, Joba – oblique (oblique means no right angle whatever way you look at it)
Nova, Ivan – upper back soreness (bad back)
Rodriguez, Alex – Hip surgery (no not that one, they already fixed that one.. ) okay, right hip surgery (bad back pocket contract. Don’t carry your fat-ass wallet in your back pocket when you sit)
Stewart, Chris – (groined, but only leftly, not rightly)
Teixeira, Mark – bad wrist (he’s ambidextrous and rich so don’t cry for him, it’s called a stranger)
Youkilis, Kevin – bad back.. really, this time. Lumbar. Those suck. Hurts, and it lingers so, all the way down in your scrotocracy.
Cabral, Cesar – Broken left elbow (for LHP this might be a concern)
Fans, Paying: broken spirits, tax revenues, wallets, coffers…

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  • And still leading the division. Mind-boggling!

    If y’all end up distantly in third in the division, I’ll feel empathy for you (Sox ’06, etc.), but I just figure several of the ones on the DL will come back ready to make an impact, and it’s gone well without them.

    Devine May 17, 2013, 6:07 pm
  • Pretty ridiculous…both the injuries and being in first.

    Long season though. Just hang on boys for another month and then we get an entire playoff/championship caliber team back from the DL…besides ARod. Fuck him.


    krueg May 17, 2013, 6:19 pm

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