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Yanks at Minny: ALDS Gamer I

Jeter leads off with Swisher, Teix, ARod, Cano, Thames, Posada, Granderson, and Gardner following.  They will face Francisco Liriano, while C.C. Sabathia looks to shut down the Twins as we get this Post underway.

Cliff Lee went seven full to lead Texas in a 5-1 humbling of the Rays, whose Price wasn’t right. Intrigue. Lineups follow. Ready, steady, GO!

NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .000
N. Swisher rf .000
M. Teixeira 1b .000
A. Rodriguez 3b .000
R. Cano 2b .000
M. Thames dh .000
J. Posada c .000
C. Granderson cf .000
B. Gardner lf .000
C.C. Sabathia NA
D. Span cf .000
O. Hudson 2b .000
J. Mauer c .000
D. Young lf .000
J. Thome dh .000
M. Cuddyer 1b .000
J. Kubel rf .000
D. Valencia 3b .000
J.J. Hardy ss .000
F. Liriano NA

109 replies on “Yanks at Minny: ALDS Gamer I”

CC is all over the place…I was really hoping we would turn it on in the postseason. So far, looks like the same old garbage, old, slow team we’ve watched for the last two months.
We may be in big trouble.

Double to the #9 hitter…CC is not pitching well and without him, you might as well forget it. Our bats are fucking horrible for whatever reason.
My hope tank is now at about 11%…

Got an out. Doesn’t matter. They threw the first punch and I’m not sure we can even sustain ONE punch at this point…
Where is the fucking fortitude? Where is the swagger? Are we just resigned to fucking fold like a cheap tent? Are we going to just fucking give up? We are the CHAMPS and it’s about time we start PLAYING like it…LET’S GO YANKEES YOU FUCKING BASTARDS!!!!
Did we give up when the Nazis bombed Pearl Harbor????

I hate to say it, and I know it’s early…but this team is done.
Hope tank = 0%
I’ve been watching this shit for 2 months. I guess the Twins were bound to beat us at some point.

CC looks horrible too IH…what the fuck man, what happened to them? How can they all just completely fall apart at the same time??? All these good players just forgetting how to play the game they have all excelled at their entire lives???
I have no idea what to think at this point. This is a fucking disaster.
Another leadoff single.

Posada is just an atrocious catcher.
We’re done. Oh well, hockey starts tomorrow.
It’s been fun all 4 of us that were here all season. Peace out guys.

Liriano’s pitch count is getting up there. Looks like he went over 110 pitches just ten times this season. The sooner we go to the bullpen, the better. Both to get him out of the game and to start wearing down their relievers. That’s what our guys do the best and that’s why we’re never out of the game until it’s over.

jorge with a strong at bat there – of course if it weren’t for his passed ball earlier it would be a tie game, but 3-2 is good stuff. And Granderson up with Liriano’s pitch count way up

Grandy with the fly that acted like it didn’t want to come down. Hits the roof in the Metrodome (probably not really), but hits the wall here and scores two.
It’s a battle of attrition, and we have the advantage in those fights.

Announcer: “That’s great patience from the young hitter”
No, that’s just situational awareness. CC had thrown 7 consecutive balls, the hitter was just forcing him to throw a strike. I hate bad announcing.
And I hate walking in runs.
I’m mad.

That’s why you should be optimistic when things are tied, krueg. Our hitters are better than their hitters and our relievers are better than their relievers (who would have thought I’d be saying that now at midseason?)

Ha, I still remember my behavior back in 2001 during the D’backs series. There was so much back and forth mojo that whole series. When good things would happen, I’d literal freeze in place. When things when bad, I’d change my clothes, move to a different room, say a prayer to a different god, anything.
Luis Gonzalez and Tony Womack can still go straight to hell.

And of course Girardi panics like the bitch manager he is and brings in Mo to try and get a four out save…let’s go ahead and blow him out in the first game of the ALDS, right???

“…And the refs fuck us…unbelievable. We need fucking replay. Fuck you umpires….”
no, we don’t need replay…seriously, how do all 6 of those assclowns miss that play…what the f were they looking at?…really, replay isn’t necessary for that play…the key is competent, attentive umpiring…i saw it with the naked eye, full speed, no replay needed…somebody will remind me that the yanks have benefitted from ump blindness…yep…screw replay…bpud needs to kick those blind fat-asses in the butt…while you were wringing your hands about tie all star games, bpud, the competence of your umpires was going down the toilet…if you’re going to use cameras, get rid of the humans…they’re redundant…
“…Onto Pavano…
ya know IH, i would be ok with the yanks not winning another post season game this season as long as we paste pavano every time we see his sorry chicken ass…

I have never wanted to see a pitcher get so absolutely crushed and humiliated as I want to see Pavano get all that tomorrow. How dare he pitch a full healthy and productive season for a team EVER.
[hyperbole]Seriously, if Curt Schilling kidnapped Albert Pujols’ kid for ransom and then used the money to buy the Yankees and blow up the stadium, I could not hate him more than I hate Pavano [/hyperbole]

Agree fully with the Pavano hate and was absolutely thinking the same thing you wrote dc – that it they are to lose every other playoff game I could live with it as long as they humiliate Pavano.

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