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Yanks-Tigers, Sox-Jays BYOB Pot Luck Friday Night Gamer

I am overwhelmed by domestic responsibilities and haven't even checked the net in the last few hours but I know there are some games going on about now.  I'll be pulling weeds a bit longer than I want to, but hope to watch some baseball with a cold beverage before too long.  Have a great weekend and comment away.

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Jeter hit a leadoff single, but nothing else in the first…
CC gave up a triple that scored but got a big DP…
Now back-to-back walks to lead off the 2nd…
No outs.
Bring the thunder.

1-2-3 reply by CC.
He made a NICE play for the 3rd out.
Now keep the pressure up bats. Crush the rookie. Ruin his career.

CC seems to be all over the place. He’s thrown almost 80 pitches already. Though he always seems to go 7, I’d be surprised if he finishes the 5th at this rate. Good thing the pen is rested after the day off yesterday.

Nix leadoff double. Nice. Anything out of him is a bonus. And as soon as I say that he steals 3rd. WHAT??? Barely made it. Not sure I like that at all with no outs and a struggling pitcher, but OK.

Stewart RBI single up the middle. When Nix and Stewart combine for a run with no outs, you’re having a good night. And Leyland goes to the pen. Really hope CC can pull it together for 3 innings…

You got it krueg. With the countless times that the Yanks’ bats have been flummoxed by rookie pitchers (they seem to do better against the game’s aces), this is nice to see. Come on Jeter…

CC does what CC does…
Grinders out 7 innings with a lead.
Emphatic K to end the 7th.
Best pitch of the night.
We might see him in the 8th.
A few more runs would be gravy.

No gamer for the Saturday game yet, so I’ll add my two cents here.
Scouting report on Gameday says that Drabek’s effectiveness my be slipping since he’s now thrown 45 pitches. Considering that giving up four runs up to pitch 45 is not exactly a sign of effectiveness, I’d say this new feature of automatically generated wisdom is rather useless.
4-0 Sox after one and a half. Pile it on, Sox.

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