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Let there be no doubt—you are now reading the original, genuine, authentic, preeminent, incomparable, unrivaled, and unsurpassed site devoted to the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry.

Under normal circumstances we would not feel compelled to toot our own horn in this way, but we are saddened to report that forces—dark forces—have taken the format pioneered here and reproduced it elsewhere, for profit, with no attribution or credit to YFSF. (To think!) We’re not experts in intellectual property law, but we do know a copycat when we find one, and if there’s one thing that we agree on, it’s that taking someone else’s idea and passing it off as your own is a rotten thing to do, whatever the legal ramifications. So to those who are copying us—and you know who you are—we say, Get your own act!

To the rest of our faithful readers, we can only say thank you for your patronage, please post a comment, and—of course—accept no imitations.

Yanksfan & Soxfan

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