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Yanks-Halos ALCS Gamer IV

The New York Yankees have a hard time with Scott Kazmir. As a team, their slash stats are .222/.307/.323; Arod has mustered only 3 singles in 30 plate appearances. On the season, Kazmir went 2-1 against New York and allowed 7 runs over just shy of 20 innings.

C.C. Sabathia takes the mound for the Bombers on three days’ rest. B-R game preview. Lineups follow, comment away.

Lineups courtesy LoHud

New York Yankees
Derek Jeter SS
Johnny Damon LF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Hideki Matsui DH
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher RF
Melky Cabrera CF

CC Sabathia LHP

Los Angeles Angels
Chone Figgins 3B
Bobby Abreu RF
Torii Hunter CF
Vladimir Guerrero DH
Juan Rivera LF
Howie Kendrick 2B
Kendry Morales 1B
Mike Napoli C
Erick Aybar SS

Scott Kazmir LHP

335 replies on “Yanks-Halos ALCS Gamer IV”

Kaz could be nasty, or he could suck. He’s like AJ, except for not. I hope we get the shitty Kaz today.

This is literally the day that immediately jumped to my mind back in August or September when we heard of the ridiculously premature dumping of kazmir by the Rays, who were within striking distance of the WC at the time. It was a brilliant stroke by the Angels FO and a big FU from the Rays to the Sox and Yanks who were leading them at the time. Well, now the day is here. I sincerely hope the Yankees make him look foolish for once.

Predictions pulled out of my netherparts: Kazmir lasts longer than CC, Teixiera breaks out of his slump, another umping outrage, another extremely close game…

I don’t have a good feeling about this game at all…the ghosts of choke-jobs past are filling my soul with loathing.

Getting ready to eat some pork…not “partaking” tonight either so my anxiety level is rising…

It’s like listening to Angels announcers…these two morons have huge boners for them…WILLING them to victory. I f-cking hate Joe Fuck and McDouche.

Basically CC has to run the table…AJ is going to get housed on Thursday. This game is the series. I feel sick.

Anyone know where I can find the Yankees radio team online? I would love to mute these idiots…

kreug, es impossible in any legal way, unless you buy some sort of Gameday Audio package.
How many times has Jeter led off the game this postseason with a hit?

That’s what I thought…thanks Andrew.
Jeter caught stealing…we are going to lose this fucking series. Game.

Called it. Thanks for showing up Tex you f-cking loser.
Kaz laying us down per usual…another pinstriped choke job. I knew this was all too good to be true. Motherf-ckers.

not a good beginning. I missed the Jeter cs. Pisses me off that we didn’t make kaz work longer out of the stretch.
i’m not watching the bottom of the inning. too nervous.

Figgy ripped one at Jeter…1 pitch, 1 out. Can CC get through the game on 27 pitches? That’s what it’s going to take with our pathetic f-cking offense…

ARod walks then steals 2nd…dude is a beast. Thanks for showing up ARod, now for the rest of the scrubs…

Kazmir sort of looks like the actor who played the older brother in adventures in babysitting, that elizabeth shue classic.
Posada walks!

Matsui with a chance to give them the lead. The black hole bunch is batting behind Matsui though, who is batting 4/9 this series.

Another walk to Hip Hip…1st and 2nd, no outs…sounds familiar…anyone want to come through? McFly? Bueller? Anyone?

Godzilla chokes…here comes the DP. We are f-cking horrible. Blow another opportunity.

Matsui pops it up, a huge out. To be fair, other than ARod and Jeter, that’s who I would want up.
Here’s Cano, who has not hit with men on base this year, trying to prove people wrong.
But ya, 1st and 2nd, no out, you got to score.

cano with a runner in scoring position combined with the fact that it is the postseason means this should result in a gidp.

I am so sick and tired of hearing about how good Cano is…he f-cking blows. The guy never comes up in a big spot. Never.
2 f-cking outs. Here comes Flusher the automatic out. Completely wasted another fucking golden opportunity. We are going to lose this series.

Swisher fouls that one.
But ya, I guess a walk isn’t so bad for Angels, since Melky is up next..

Flusher out.
We picked a great time to completely stop hitting…the ALCS. Gotta love this team. What a waste of talent and money. Bunch of sorry ass f-cking losers.
CC is going to have to pitch about 13 scoreless innings for us to score a f-cking run.

now swisher wants to hit a ball out of the infield when he couldn’t do that twice yesterday.

To AGAIN have 2 on with no outs and get no runs if f-cking atrocious. The wheels have completely fallen off. We look like a bunch of f-cking amateurs at the plate…

snowballa – I was thinking the same thing. If he just hit flyouts, we would’ve won yesterday. Or something.
But ya.

CC can hit, should have hit him in the DH spot…better than these fucking losers.

Well slap my ass and call me Sally…was that a base hit for Melky??? Here comes the DP…

Melky with a good play.
Jeter with another one of those balls that is hit hard, but right at Abreu again. Good swing, nothing out of it.
JD with Melky on first.

1 out. Color me apathetic. Here comes the front end of the “rally killers”…Damon and Tex.

i swear i looked down for a second and looked up to see 1 out. how about being patient at the plate instead of swinging first all the time?

At least they’re running up his pitch count, though the Yanks has not hit the bullpen much..
And JD grounds to fielder choice..

2 outs. Damon is a f-cking joke. Tex is out #3. Another garbage inning. Leadoff man on in every, single, f-cking inning and nothing.

How f-cking bad is Tex…I mean seriously.
Kaz couldn’t be pitching much worse and we have NOTHING to show for it…it is all coming apart. We f-cking suck. Period. End of story. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200. This series is over.
What free agents are there for the outfield next year? Starting pitchers?
Is Crawford a free agent? We could get Lackey…

You know even if we don’t win it all this season, i have to say that i’m happy i found my new favorite player. I love CC. I love him.

Isn’t it a rule that you have to score if you have 2nd and 3rd, no one out?
C’mon, Matty.

Flusher walks…that was a gift.
Bases loaded, 1 out…who thinks we won’t score another run?


MELKY IS THE HERO! Now that that’s out of the way, we can steamroll through the rest of the postseason, right?

wow, are they showing the replay in the stadium? I thought that wasn’t allowed.
Anyway, Swisher needs to be talked to.

Wow, they actually show replays in Angel stadium? Isn’t that against some kind of policy? They never show replays in YS.

oh hi, my name is nick swisher. i haven’t been hitting so when i finally get on base, i decide to get tagged out.

Anyway, Swisher needs A BEATING.
Fixed that for you Nick. :)
Walks the bases loaded again. COME ON DAMON YOU BASTARD!!!

Well, that was a makeup call if I ever saw one. Still, two wrongs most definitely don’t make a right.

No stupid f-cking Angels fan can cry about that call at 2nd now…that was CLEARLY a make up call.

mccarver, i want you to dwell on mcclellan for the rest of the game. your annoying shit might prove worthwhile if you humiliate that ump on national tv.

c’mon guys, swisher was out at second. thinking of that will keep you from drop kicking your TV

I’m with snow, he shouldn’t have been at 3rd for one, and we’ve had a few calls go our way. Now the slate is clean. The Haters will have nothing to cry about now…

We know, but that’s actually somewhat defensible, and umpires get it wrong from time to time. McClelland wasn’t even LOOKING at Swisher.
I agree with McCarver, how the hell is an umpire supposed to determine when he left the bag? This is another obvious use of instant replay, where a human being just doesn’t have the ability to make the correct call.


I’m down with instant replay…why not get the calls right if you can? This isn’t 1936!

McClellan made that call out of position and without even LOOKING! The 2B umpire missed the call but was in position and watched the play. There’s a difference. McClellan was playing God evening things out.

Nice Tex, time for some more runs. A bomb from A-Rod would be ideal.
I wonder why Torii thought Swisher left early? Did he somehow get an assurance that there would be a makeup call? That would be a much worthier conspiracy theory than the ridiculous ‘spit-gate’.

Great point John…but it evened out. Clearly an agenda by the Ump, but he’s probably from New England so f-ck him!

A-Rod continues to have a freaking amazing postseason.
Although this is just a stat-padding homerun.

abomb. and my neighbors are now officially disturbed. 300 pound dude jumping up and down in a 3rd floor apartment…

changed the channel, came back, another a-bomb and no one out. can we keep this going? we beat ourselves yetserday, let’s not have that go again today.
cc wins this game, he will be have to be 2nd in line for ALCS MVP. a-rod, obviously first.

it’s still kaput.
maybe it’s all for the better. maybe i’m not supposed to be too happy.
oh god, i guess i haven’t tried hard enough.

I went to take a walk because this game is seriously negatively affecting my heart. I come back to the best thing ever, if they can hold on to this effing lead this time.

Did Jorge steal a base?
I mean I guess I did see Haley’s Comet, but, frankly, it wasn’t too impressive.

Hunter totally faked Hip Hip out…meh. 2nd and 3rd, 1 out. Come on Flusher…DO SOMETHING YA WEIRDO!!!

WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT??? IS CANO RETARDED??? This ump is a joke…should be both outs.

a player didn’t score from 2nd on a double?! I’m not seeing any of this!
Has a 3-headed zebra pranced through the infield yet?

Nick – that would not be the most unbelievable thing that happened in that inning.
What is wrong with every single person?

Yanks doing their best impression of the baserunning errors that had plague them. They’re up 5-0, but it’s an ugly 5-0, as they look like they can do so much more. Still, you got to take it – it’s been awhile since they score more than 4 runs (game 1 of the ALDS, in fact).

points off for John right now. No more exclamations without supporting descriptions. I cannot watch this game. It has been fated.

Bad baserunning at cost them at least a run that inning, along with some unproductive outs.
And CC gave one of them back, to the righty hitting Morales. 5-1. Bah, if they lose this game..

Here we go…5-1. Wheels are falling off in front of our faces…
How stupid is it to shoot off fireworks? How sad is your fanbase that you need a childish gimmick like fireworks and thundersticks…

Nick, I just got in, what are you asking?
A pretty high fast ball that Morales just turns around. Not an awful pitch, and barely gets out of a leaping Melky, but ya, result is 5-1 anyhow.
And now Napoli with a hard singles down the line, well played to keep it a single – thought it was a double off the bat.

great. i finally get it back and get to see the replay of the morales homer. and now napoli.
maybe i should just not watch.

Seriously, yesterday you could say they were not clutch. Today, if they lose, it will literally break my heart. Maybe I should not watch the rest of the game.

The only thing worse than the Yankee base-running in this game is the umpiring. The missed calls have been stunninglybad. Really.
And now the Angels start chipping. 5-1. Bear down for another 3 innings CC and shut the plastic-tube-smacking boneheads up.

Nick – we should not watch together and just get trashed somewhere. It’ll seriously be better for our hearts and anger management courses.

I hope he gets out of it. He probalby won’t go 9, but it’ll be nice to see him go 7-8, and rest Hughes/Mo a bit.

Or alternatively, Yanks score as many as they really should, which is another 5, and make it a laughter.

Nick Posada and Cano both tagged out at 3rd on baserunning mistake yet McClellan called Cano safe. Clearly out!
Morales HR, Napoli line drive single.

I should have continued my nasty little habit for this game…I feel a stroke coming on…

Indeed, Rivera definitely needs the rest. Even with the off-days, he’s pitched in every single postseason game so far.

Is the FoxTrax speed thing pissing anybody else off? We get it, the ball loses speed in the air!
I guess that isn’t a “master of the obvious” scenario to some…
CC is falling apart. Like our postseason.

Aybar singles, Napoli to second.
Give Aybar credit, he earned that single. That said, I give it to CC so far, just some random arrangement of hits. Still up 5-1, no need to panic just yet.

This is pathetic. I knew we were going to lose this game but to blow a 5 run lead in the 5th inning to the bottom of their order??? Must be nice to have guys at the bottom that can hit…we wouldn’t know. F-cking losers.

They are getting some good swings this inning, but CC is getting strikes on everybody, just not finishing them off. Figgins on an 0-2 pitch..

Fat Bobby flies out and while that was exciting, CC got out of the jam.
End of 5, 5-1 Yanks.
Guys, he only gave up 4 hits this game..

I think I need the Yankees to be up 15-1 and Rivera on the mound (although that should never happen in that situation!) for me to not worry.

ok, it works. i leave the room and good things happen. so, i’m going to not watch until it’s like 23-1.

What have the umpires of Major League Baseball been smoking this postseason, and where can I get some?

Tex…COME ON MAN!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? At least he got Jeter to 3rd…
No way they pitch to ARod…no way.

Well, there’s that. Time for the Angels to make a comeback with their vaunted running game or what have you.

This is getting ridiculous…seriously. How the fuck was that not a K. He swung AND it was a fucking strike.
I am really starting to get pissed off right now.

How about the pathetic Fox crew not even showing a replay on that play…just move along quickly and hope the Angels win!!! Fuck you Fox.

The wheels are coming off…CC is falling apart, it’s over. We lose this game and that’s all she wrote.

Kendrick lines to Teixeira, who’s a ball magnet, as they get out of the inning giving up 2 lead runners..

I’m starting to question the intelligence of some of our players…FLUSHER…cough, cough…CANO…cough, cough…HIP HIP…cough cough…
Thank you CC. Can we have 2 more please?

snowballa – I would think he’s going to.. save that pen a little, though really only Mo needs to be saved, so another run or two would be sweet.

Pile on time Yanks. Seriously. I despise this ballpark. Make it the cite of an unseemly slaughter so we can all have some memories to cherish here.

It’s the morning here so I can’t justify drinking. People will talk. But, if there ever was a game to drink over, it’s this one.

I’m sort of amazed by the Angels’ plate approach tonight. They have not been patient with Sabathia, with a number of guys swinging into an out on the 1st or 2nd pitch. Considering that CC’s pitching on short rest, and Joe Super-Geeniuss Girardi burned the entire pen yesterday, you’d think the Halos would have been taking as much as possible and trying to get CC either tired or knocked out early. Instead they are helping him to get through at least seven, maybe more, and Girardi may not need Mo for more than 3-4 outs.

why does cano keep swinging at balls in the dirt? why can’t be fucking adjust? posada look asleep at the plate. why are we seemingly attempting to beat ourselves

Girardi requested an expanded bullpen before the game so he could bring in multiple relievers to face the same batter while warming up multiple more.

“Girardi requested an expanded bullpen before the game so he could bring in multiple relievers to face the same batter while warming up multiple more.”
i laughed:)

Back to back K’s…wow. One more CC, bury these monkey-loving, firework shooting, thunderstick needing as-holes!!!

i know it’s fruitless to think like this, but it would’ve been so much greater if this was the close out game. instead i have to rest my hopes and dreams on a erratic pitcher who looks like he cooks meth between his pitching starts.
again, fruitless thinking.

ok, it’s official i’m starting the CC Sabathia Fan Club. krueg, you’re the spokesperson. IH, you get the message out around the world. Andrew, you coordinate the events. Lar, you run the stats. dc, you send the telegrams. I’ll make the cookies.

Flusher took one for the team…his first contribution! Nice!!!

Gardner pinch runs. Not bad, gets hit on the toes or something, so tons of range in the outfield, though Damon has no arm.
Here’s Melky up.

Great pitch to run on, low and a great throw gets him out. Gardner not having a great base running couple of games..

Melky walks to put a guy on first again, though now with one out. Jeter is now up.
Mike S has seen enough, and Santana is out.

Holy Ship stop forcing the issue! 2-0 is a terrible count to run on. What’s he throwing on 2-0? FASTBALL. What’s the easiest ball for the catcher ti handle? FASTBALL. Wait until 2-1. Your odds increase. Unreal.

i’m ok with tex hitlessness because every run he takes away from us, he does the same at first base.
but this cannot continue if we make it to the world series

I just took a #2. While I sat there my wife was banging together some plastic noisemakers while dressed up in a monkey costume. When I was done she lit some sparklers and M-80’s to celebrate my accomplishment.

Nice John…
Another 1-2-3 inning for CC…this guy has been incredible. I am floored.

“I just took a #2. While I sat there my wife was banging together some plastic noisemakers while dressed up in a monkey costume. When I was done she lit some sparklers and M-80’s to celebrate my accomplishment.”

CC Sabathia just sat on the Los Angeles Angels. All 4,000 lbs of him. Absolutely beautiful. Mike “we have momentum” Soscia – how’s 7-0 in your home park momentum!?!?!?!

ARod with a double.
Okay, but with all respects, he’s still got to hit, at least to close out the series. Because he was on a tear the last postseason except they never closed it out..
Posada up.


ARod said this is how you “force the issue” – tags up on Posada’s fly to Abreu, who was somehow misplayed by Figgins and ARod takes home, says Thanks!

Error on Abreu, but really, if you’re Figgins, it’s your job to at least not let it get by you.. and no back ups..
Either way, it’s 8-1.

“You are CC’s bottom bitch”
If I were eating anything it would have come out my nose at this.
Nick, I’ll get notice in the UNSG spokesperson’s morning news brief re: the formation of the CC Club of Cocky Crowing Cowbell-ringing Carousers (CCCCCC).
Can you launchthe Jakarta chapter?
Maybe John-YF can come up with a logo.

Ortiz was a great post-season slugger. Howard is a great post-season slugger. A-Rod is as great a post-season as youcould imagine this year AND he plays superb defense, steals bases, and dates Kate Hudson. He wins hands down.

“Can you launchthe Jakarta chapter?”
done. just went out to the street and screamed “CC CC CC”.

Gardner does single, and a girl is crying because the Angels are losing.
Melky doubles in two runs, and the Yanks are up 10-1.

Was going to say Melky had those key RBIs making it 3-0. After weeks of sucking, he came through at a good time.
Here’s Jeter with Melky at 2nd.

“Chad Gaudin, human victory cigar.”
Classic. If I were partaking, I may have had a heart attack from laughter.

“Nick you better hope CeCe doesn’t have some sort of hidden meaning over there!”
dude, i have this way with other languages that leads to very awkward situations. This is true: When I was studying in Prague, I once thought I was asking a waiter if I could smoke a cigarette in the restaurant. Turns out my Czech was all off. Apparently, I was asking him if I could blow him in the restaurant. The waiter scurried off and the rest of the meal was very very weird.

Once more boys, one more…

well, it was nice watching this with you guys. Hopefully we get this finished in Anaheim next game.

@nickYF: agreed. it was a small and intimate convo with some crazy yankee fans. we laughed, we cried, we CCed.

Torii Hunter just before Game 3 of the ALCS:
“I think you can say the Yankees are America’s Team. I think everyone is a Yankee fan, whether they’re jumping on the bandwagon or not”.
Thanks Torii. We figured as much. Clearly the SF regulars here and other fans are just in denial of these immutable facts. Once they – like A-Rod – give in to and embrace reality, they will all feel better and find that they are able to perform to their respective potentials.

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