Yes, I am now back

Yes, I am now back from the Raj. I see that in my absence Clemens has unretired, Dubya’s heading for Mars, Stephon is a Knick, and Britney has been married AND divorced. So much to digest. As for bats and balls, India is mad mad mad for cricket. On a weekend afternoon in Bombay, there’s not a street in the city that is not colonized by young bowlers and batsmen. The Maidans (the city’s central parks) are so crammed with both children and adults playing the sport that you can barely see the ground. I imagine New York was something like this in the 1920s and 30s, with kids playing stickball on street corners. Of the 20 or so television stations, 3 basically run the sport 24/7. The international “test” match with Australia last week (a draw) was the talk of the nation. We have A-Rod and Pedro, they’ve got Tendulkar and Kumble. Wicked googlies indeed.

Posted by YF on 1/15/2004 01:19:16 PM

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