YFSF Fantasy Baseball (Do Over)

Unfortunately many of our regulars (including myself) were shut out of the original (CBS) YFSF fantasy baseball league.  So I have gone back to Yahoo! in hopes that we can finally have a fully functional, fair and enjoyable fantasy baseball league.  Using Yahoo! gives us a chance to get more regulars into the league, the league max is 20, as opposed to 10 at CBS.  So we are going to scrap the CBS league and move forward with Yahoo!  If you are interested in joining the league simply send me an email at: JohnYF13 at yahoo dot com.  The first 19 teams that contact me will be granted league access.  Thanks guys and I am sorry for the confusion.      

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So, this is a head to head league, right? What are the categories we’re competing in? Obviously, drafting a functional team is less important than a team that excels at the relevant things.

Did the draft time get changed? When I signed up for it the time was set for 11:00 tonight, but now it says it was at 9:00 and apparently I missed it. Bah.

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