YFSF: The Family Grows

Just when you thought things were all fair and balanced around here, or at least balanced, we’ve decided to go and retip our scales with the addition of a new YF. Now, before you hit “post” on that nasty comment, let me introduce the newest member of our masthead, someone you already know if you read this site with any frequency, and someone who has earned respect from both sides of the aisle: Trisk. Unlike the rest of us here, Trisk actually is a leader of men on the ballfield, and the perspective that gives him has been, and now will continue to be, a big bonus for readers here. So, we can only now hope you will welcome him with open arms, and treat him with the same lack of respect and dignitude afforded the rest of the authors on this site.

Trisk is a great addition, and we just wanted to call your attention to some other fantastic changes around here—changes you may have noticed over the last month or two, changes that make YFSF a far more user friendly site, and really a place for 1-stop-shopping on all of your information needs on the Yanks and Sox. Thanks to the programming genius of our very own Gerb, we now have schedules, newsfeeds, standings, and team stats all live on the YFSF home page. These features are a real revelation; in our opinion, YFSF is now the most sophisticated and information-dense independent team blog on the internet.

Yes, we do think we’re pretty hot, and we hope you agree. If you do, we encourage you to vote for us in the Best Sports Blog category of the Blogger’s Choice Awards.

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  • Welcome, John! Great to see you on board.

    attackgerbil August 6, 2007, 1:05 pm
  • Confuscious say, “too many cooks spoil soup.”

    Ric August 6, 2007, 1:07 pm
  • Nice, the “Supreme Court” tilts back to YFs again! ;)

    Lar August 6, 2007, 1:14 pm
  • Actually it’s Confucius, but the guru at issue here is probably Nick Denton, and he says “More authors add interest, traffic.”

    YF August 6, 2007, 1:28 pm
  • Welcome, John!

    SF August 6, 2007, 1:28 pm
  • Thanks guys! Ric, no need to worry this “Cook” knows his role.

    John - YF (Trisk) August 6, 2007, 1:32 pm
  • Confuscious say, “Ric, spell my name any way you want- its cool.”

    Ric August 6, 2007, 1:54 pm
  • Congrats John!

    Rob August 6, 2007, 5:52 pm
  • Welcome, John!

    Nick-YF August 6, 2007, 6:11 pm
  • you [we] yf’s always gotta have the upper hand…good to see us back in first place in something…as for trisk, good choice…i look forward to the opportunity to “…treat him with the same lack of respect and dignitude afforded the rest of the authors on this site…” when i don’t agree with something he says ;) just kidding [i think]

    dc August 7, 2007, 8:33 am

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